Recreational Drones Continue To Impact Safety And Personal Privacy

There is so much to discuss on this week’s episode of The Waves of Tech.  On Episode 276, we dive into the California Teachers Summit conference and the power of creating localized hashtags.  Comcast and Dish’s Sling TV are in a battle of advertising and distribution markets, as traditional and new media continue to square off.  We cover more recreational drone stories making headlines that continue to create safety and privacy issues.  And finally, Windows 10 is a major success but still the Mozilla CEO isn’t happy with the tech giant.

California Teachers Summit and Creating Localized Hashtags

Last Friday, over 14,000 educators and teachers across the State of California joined forces in a day-long conference that included strategies for teaching Common Core Standards and build teacher communities.  The event hosted keynotes and breakout sessions, sharing what’s working in classrooms and learning cutting-edge strategies to help teachers maximize their skills.  Locally, organizers at Cal State Bakersfield created a local hashtag to compliment the event and connect to attendees.

Comcast Blocks Sling Advertisements

Let the legal process begin!  NBC is blocking Sling TV’s advertisements in specific locations in major news markets, such as Los Angeles and New York.  Sling TV, a $20 new media streaming service of its own TV product, is gaining traction.  We are entering into an industry where traditional media companies are modifying their business models and becoming hybrids with new media iterations.  This leaves plenty of questions, regulatory questions, and future courtroom battles.

Recreational Drones Stories

We continue to hear reports of hobby and recreational drones are continuing to reek havok on security, safety, and privacy concerns.  In New York, two airliners flew within 100 feet of drones above the New York skyline.  Drones have the potential to cause significant property damage, loss of life, and pilot injury.  In related news, a man who shot down a drone with his shotgun because it was flying in his backyard was arrested.  The drone issue continues to grow.

Mozilla CEO not pleased with Windows 10 Browser Options

Windows 10 was an early and major success for Microsoft, boasting download numbers of over 14 million in the first weekend.  One company that isn’t pleased is Mozilla, the maker of the third most popular browser Firefox.  The CEO is claiming that Microsoft is making a deliberate attempt to make Windows 10 users choose Edge, the new sleek and trimmed up browser from the software magnet.  We dissect the position from both the Mozilla and Microsoft side of the equation.  Is it really that strange to believe a company wants to encourage users to use their products and live within their ecosystem?

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