Dying Technology in 2019 and Beyond

On Episode 452 of the Waves of Tech, we are coming at you with more technology talk! The Podcast Awards are now open for nominations and would love a nod for the podcast. Amazon has announced Prime Day – July 15 and 16 – offering up some new features to entice veteran and newcomers to the sell-a-thon. Tech comes and goes, some faster than others. We take a stab at existing technology that will be dying off by the end of the year and into 2020. After the massive Equifax data breach of 2017, a sentence of four months in federal prison was handled down to a single executive for insider trading. Finally, we learned last week that the brilliant product designer Jony Ive has departed Apple to begin his own company.

2019 Podcast Awards Nominations Open

Every year, we are grateful that our supporters and listeners continue to nominate the podcast in the annual Podcast Awards – the longest running awards show in the podcasting industry. Once again, nominations are open and we would truly appreciate being considered again. We love bringing the podcast to you every week. Visit their website to nominate The Waves of Tech.

Amazon Prime Day(s) is Here

The day, or should we say days, has been announced – July 15 and 16. Amazon Prime Day is just a few weeks away and the online retail giant is stepping up their message this year. Amazon is providing several incentives and bonuses this year for shoppers – sneak peek on select deals, special in-app discounts, and highlights of this year’s top items.

  • Install Amazon Assistant to receive notifications and get $10 off next $50 purchase
  • Spend $10 at Whole Foods Market and received $10 for Prime Day shopping
  • Discover select new products launched and available exclusively on Prime Day
  • Be sure to preview Amazon’s own product line for heavily discounted home tech items

Dying Technology in 2019 and Beyond

Every year PC Mag puts out a predicted list of technology they believe will die in the coming end of year. With surprising results, they have predicted some of the biggest deaths or drop-offs in technology over the past few years. We share their list and provide some of our thoughts on what the industry can do without and what technology may fade away by years end.

  • MoviePass is dying and quickly as a result of price hikes, movie availability, profitability
  • Facebook Watch should die out as it’s proven unable to compete in the video space
  • Residential landline phones are nearing the end of life and only cause more scammings
  • Wired printers are nearing the end as wireless printers become more common

Equifax Executive Gets off Too Easy

In sharing the most absurd news of the tech industry in a long time, Jun Ying (former CIO of Equifax) received a federal sentence of four months in prison for his involvement with the horrendous data breach of 2017. The uncontested charge was guilty of insider trading that saved him an estimated $117,00 when he sold stock knowing Equifax stock would take a hit.

  • This CIO was put in a position of trust and failed the users of the credit score company
  • Another employee found guilty for insider trading was Sudhakar Reddy Bonthu
  • Equifax compromised 143 million people’s social security numbers and other data
  • Their response was at a minimum pathetic, at the worst criminal in nature

Chief Design Officer Leaves Apple

After 30 plus years of working behind the scenes for Apple as a chief product designer, the famed Jony Ive is leaving to begin his own company. Ive is recognized around the industry for his signature design of modern Apple products – iPad, iMac, original iPhone, Apple Watch, Apple Park campus, and other famous mobile operating systems.

  • Some argue this departure signals the end of the Steve Jobs era in many ways
  • Ive was known for his voice overs in many of Apple’s announcements and videos
  • An industry analyst stated “His fingerprints are deeply woven within Apple’s core DNA.”
  • His contributions to design and appeal of Apple has an everlasting effect

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