Earning millions in the App Store. Apple & Samsung team up

We quickly dive into a few stories we missed on the year in review episode and also share our holiday tech recap.  A report showed that 164 companies made their first $1 million via in-app purchases and recurring membership fees, proving that app development is changing the economy and business landscape.  Apple has agreed to provide iTunes movies and their original content on specific smart televisions, which demonstrates a shift in Apple’s hardware only model. We recap some interesting Consumer Electronics Show gadgets and share some recent shipping issues that are causing headaches for online shoppers.

Some Missed Top Stories from 2018

In our last episode of the podcast, we did a complete rundown of the top stories from 2018 and made some 2019 technological predictions for the industry.  As in most years, so much tech news is shared and covered that inevitably something is left out. In this case, we forget to mention the following major stories of 2018.

  • Toys R Us and Sears announce complete closure of all retail outlets
  • A major merger between AT&T and Time Warner Cable
  • Microsoft acquired GitHub near end of year to position themselves in the industry
  • Uber’s fall from grace and the new CEO’s ability to rebound

Holiday Tech Recap

Every Christmas and New Year’s we get a chance to mess around with new technology that hit the shelves and lands under the tree.  These range from new computers to smart devices and from routers to vehicles. During our travels over the holidays we had the chance to interact with different technology services and products as well

  • Echo Show was a prominent devices that serves to connect family miles away
  • The rise of e-scooters in a major metropolitan area is becoming an eye sore
  • Ride sharing services continue to create a dynamic gig economy for many to use

The App Store Works, Regardless of Reports

In a recent report from Sensor Tower, an analytics and research firm that focusing primarily on Google Play and Apple’s App Store, 164 companies had made their first $1 million from in-app purchases and recurring subscriptions from the App Store.  The majority of the revenue were centralized in gaming, lifestyle, and health & fitness applications.

  • Million dollar revenues also included video, photo, entertainment, and education
  • The App Store ecosystem is said to have created 1.5 million jobs to date
  • Both lifestyle and health & fitness apps are experiencing significant growth in 2018
  • Memberships, ongoing subscriptions, and in-app purchasing drive revenues

Apple and Samsung Partner Up

It’s weird how business works sometimes.  Apple and Samsung have been embattled in court cases and have settled out of court several times over the years.  Yet, the companies partner up for hardware and manufacturing needs for products and phones. It’s a bizarre relationship, to be honest, and this week’s news muddies the water even more.

  • Apple’s iTunes movie and TV content will be available on select Samsung smart TVs
  • The once hardware-only company is branching into other services for revenue sources
  • Samsung’s reach is greater in totally with television that Apple can capitalize on
  • As industry shifts to on-demand contact, this deal helps Apple stay competitive

Consumer Electronics Show from Vegas

Once a year, the tech would invades Las Vegas, Nevada for the epic CES event.  Year after year, CES is a testing and proving ground for the latest and greatest in technology.  Not only are major executives on stage to share the vision and future of their company, a host of other companies are featured with the latest in research and development.  We share some of our thoughts on the products and services from Las Vegas.

Shipping Issues on the Rise

When Amazon promises 2-day shipping, the online retail giant should come through on that promise.  Well during the hectic holiday time, expected 2-day shipping turns more likely into a 3 to 4 to 5 day event.  Have we become spoiled by on demand shipping for our online purchases? Is Amazon capable of upholding its obligation to consumers?  We discuss and debate.

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