Eero Mesh Review And Napster

On Episode 448 of the Waves of Tech, we are covering a wide spectrum of technology news that matters to you as a consumer. Eero is a simplified and app-based home mesh WiFi network that is proving to be the future of wireless connectivity. Apple made news at WWDC with their announcement of a new sign-in-with feature focused on burner emails and user privacy. The list of most valuable private companies – including tech, healthcare, fitness, wealth management, and shared workspaces – is shifting with the influx of venture capital funds. Netflix and Disney are making boycott statements due to political positions from some states here in the United States. And finally, Napster was born 20 years ago and made a lasting impact on the music industry.

Eero Mesh WiFi Network

Back in Episode 433, we discussed Amazon buying Eero – a home mesh WiFi system that has been an up and coming mesh networking and router company since 2016. The guys went ahead and picked up a system after experiencing less than spectacular WiFi in the home and after dealing with random device drop-off from the network.

  • Eero system setup took less than 10 minutes to complete and was super simple
  • The app tested the placement of the router and beacons in the home
  • Weekly email on threats blocked, website scans, ad blocks, and content filters
  • Easily manageable settings, authorization, access, and notifications of system

New ‘Sign in with Apple’ Feature

During their WWDC event, Apple announced a new feature that will serve those that are gravely concerned with the collection of their personal information from third part applications and websites – ‘Sign in with Apple’. The new feature requires developers the chance to sign-in with 1 click functionality while using a burner email for access.

  • The privacy-minded sign-in service is more of a power move by Apple than anything
  • Many iOS and Mac users are itching at the chance to prevent information collection
  • Some pundits are calling it a reach and an unnecessary position from Apple
  • Apple continues to add security level protocols that their user base is wanting

The Highest Valued Private Tech Companies

There has been plenty of movement in the technology industry from private to public trading over the past four years. Since some of the giants like Uber, Lyft, and Pinterest have left, the list of top valued private companies is shifting. The list of venture capital backed companies casts a shadow in finance, fitness, lifestyle, real estate, health care, gaming dev, and much more.

  • Topping the list is The We Company at $47B – shared workspaces for small businesses
  • Juul is second with a valuation of $38B – nicotine vaporizer developer
  • On-demand delivery and shopping, travel, robotics, and collaboration in list
  • VC funding has completely changed the landscape of tech companies success

Technology Companies Take Up Positions

More and more often, we are finding that politics, awareness, and social policy are intersecting with corporate values and business positions. Case in point, Netflix and Disney made statements last week after the State of Georgia pushed forward regulation over abortion and female health care access. The companies are considering pulling film production from Georgia.

  • It’s a difficult position that is complicated by boards, users, voters, and strong opinions
  • Disney and Netflix have positioned themselves in favor of female healthcare access
  • Corporate positions on hot button social topics do not sit well with some users
  • The landscape is changing as company begin to align on political lines

Napster Never Dies

Twenty years ago, Napster was born. June 1, 1999 is a pivotal moment in the music industry as it began a revolutionary in terms of the standard method of buying and trading songs. It’s hard to believe that Napster was around for only three years after a lawsuit from the Radio Industry Association of America eventually bankrupted and shut down the music sharing site.

  • The Napster logo is iconic and legendary that is easily recognizable even today
  • Mass copyright infringement was not that difficult to prove in a court of law
  • Napster made to ability to copy and distribute MP3 music files simply and easy
  • Many claimed June 1, 1999 as the day the music industry changed forever

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