The Elderly and Technology

The Elderly and TechnologyThis week on The Waves of Tech we discuss the Vtech data breach, Black Friday emails, San Francisco startups, and Prime Air drone.  We also cover an instance where an elderly man was forced to take his written drivers test electronically which was not as simple as using a VCR for him.


Black Friday Emails

Tis the season…for an inbox overload!  As the Black Friday and Cyber Monday holiday shopping season just happened, you probably experienced exactly what we did – hundreds of emails declaring deals, discounts, and must have items.  For us, it seemed like this year was particularly inundating with Black Friday emails.  It may surprise you how many newsletters and emails list we subscribe to or get placed on throughout the year.  Yes, a few of these emails will allow you to find the perfect gift but many are somewhat useless.  Two options – take this season to clean up your inbox or embrace the holiday mayhem and shop away!

Vtech Data Breach

For those that have purchased Vtech products and services, this discussion is for you.  Vtech, maker of tablets and tech gadgets aimed at children, announced a data breach affecting over 5 million accounts.  Personal information in the form of names, addresses, and the like were stolen, whereas more sensitive information such as credit card numbers and SSN were not breached.  This is nothing new in the world of technology.  It proves, again, that much of what we do and provide online is inherently risky with the potential for personal loss and stress.  Be sure to check your accounts and look for emails related to data breaches this holiday season and throughout the year.

Prime Air Drone

After all the negative news and reporting about drone use that have been covered by ourselves and news outlets, Amazon has something cool to share.  The tech mega-giant has introduced a hybrid drone unit poised the change the look and face of drone delivery in the future.  We typically see the quad-copter style drone, kind of boxy and straight-legged.  The new design boasts more of a aircraft look, sleeker in nature and dynamic in color.  To be honest, we both think this softens the negative news that has engulfed the drone industry of late.  Take a look and see for yourself…this may just win you over like it won us over.

DMV Computers

The digital divide is always an interesting conversation to have.  This story is from Fresno, a city in the Central Valley region of California.  On a trip to the DMV to renew his license, an 82-year old man was instructed to take the drivers test via touch-screen monitors rather than using the old school pen and paper method.  After failing the touch-screen model, he eventually took the pen-paper test and passed.  This brings up an intriguing discussion about how technology may leave some behind and how we as individuals may help in bridging the digital gap.  We will all be left behind, in some respects, to the latest and greatest technological advances.  Where does that leave us?

Startups in SF

There are always cool new startups in San Francisco.  Some cool tech startups are Parenthoods and Tinsel.  Parenthoods in an online community based in the Bay Area, connecting parents looking for advice, products, services, meet-ups, and help with raising a family.  Users may plan activities, buy used items, and search reliable daycare options.  Find their app in the App Store.  Tinsel is an up and coming fashionable wearables company.  They specialize in creating fashionable necklaces (more accessories in the future) that integrate headphones.  The wearables market is trending right now and they have found a sweet spot in women’s fashion.  Find their products on Indiegogo.

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