Learning Electronic Courtesy, RedBox Instant, and March Madness

Welcome to Waves of Tech #174 and thank you so much for choosing us!! We have a wide variety of topics for today’s show including learning personal and professional electronic courtesy, the newest Redbox Instant service, and the connection between March Madness and Twitter. Join in the podcasting fun with us as we make our way through the never ending exciting world of technology.

Electronic Courtesy

The one thing we (Steve and Dave) agree upon is that something has to change, the sooner the better. We have all experienced times in our digital adventures where someone has been rude, derogatory, or insulting. This occurs so frequently that it has become a common topic of conversation between friends, families, and coworkers. We witness this in cyber bullying, email correspondence, comment postings, and ratings. It is often difficult when it is your client and customer base that is providing the uncomfortable and unwelcoming comments. What needs to change and how much responsibility does the Internet play in this?

Redbox Instant

Hello Netflix, meet your competitor – Redbox Instant. Redbox, the highly visible and highly utilized street vending movie service, has launched their newest streaming service in an effort to grab a chunk of the instant streaming market. Check out the conversation as we breakdown the advantages and disadvantages of each service so that you can decide what works best for you.

March Madness and Twitter

The name lends itself to nothing less – March Madness! This year, we can all check out an ongoing series of 15-second highlights throughout the day thanks to Twitter and SnappyTV. In a brilliant move to create more advertising revenue and give March Madness Twitter users something to look forward to, Twitter and sponsorships will provide 15-second highlights from all the basketball games within a few minutes of them happening.

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