Email Migration, ShotSpotter, Bye Bye Passwords And Yahoo Execs Out

On Episode 351 of The Waves of Tech, we dive into the world of email migration, as Dave and his office move from GroupWise Novell to Office365 Outlook.  There will be bumps and roadblocks along the way, but ultimately the migration will be worth it.  ShotSpotter Technology was used last week in the City of Fresno, to geolocate gun fire resulting from an individual’s attempt to take several lives.  The technology triangulates gun fire and provided law enforcement with actionable, real-time data.  Microsoft is moving toward the elimination of passwords with the introduction of their Authenticator App, which enables the second layer of two-factor authentication and smartphone approval so that a password is not used at all.  And finally, several Yahoo executives are being fired as a result of the Yahoo-AOL merger known as Oath (a Verizon Company).  Marissa Mayer and other top senior executives will be leaving their offices comes June.  Thanks for tuning in!  Enjoy the podcast and continue to ride…The Waves of Tech.

Migration from GroupWise to Office365 Outlook

At Dave’s work, the IT Department and employees are making the migration from GroupWise to Office365 Outlook for email.  It will come with it’s challenges but will ultimately be a better client, providing employees and IT a more robust and usable system for communication.

  • Process starts with training sessions on unarchiving emails and learning Outlook
  • Outlook provides users with a more functional and flexible email system
  • Users need to understand that email is not file storage and was never meant to be that
  • Those that understand how migration works should assist those that have difficulty

ShotSpotter Technology Used in Fresno Shooting

In Fresno, California, only two hours north of Dave’s residence, a terrible shooting took place where three people lost their lives.  During the response, local police utilized ShotSpotter technology to exactly pinpoint the location of the shots fired and the suspect.

  • ShotSpotter uses a series of listening devices to triangulate the location of gunshots
  • Law Enforcement have system set up in high crime, dense, and tourism locations
  • The technology provides real-time, actionable information to better prepare law personnel
  • Detects attacks from any direction and weapons fired in 360 degrees

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Microsoft Making Passwords Obsolete

In a push to make passwords a thing of the past, Microsoft is pushing out the Microsoft Authenticator App.  Designed to rid the world of passwords, log in frustration, and annoyance, the software giant just may be onto something new.

  • Security specialists are still adapting to what works and doesn’t for login security
  • App enables the 2nd layer of two-factor authentication, a password isn’t used at all
  • Users confirm identity via an app prompt on your smartphone to approve an action
  • The new feature is in response to Google’s Authenticator app (similar approach)

Yahoo Executives Are Out

In the not so shocking announcement this weekend, the new company Oath (the Yahoo-AOL creation) will not be retaining many Yahoo executives come June.  Marissa Mayer is out, along with VPs of finance, products, engineering, marketing, corporate development, and advertising.

  • AOL CEO Tim Armstrong, former Google executive, will lead the new creation
  • Jeff Bonforte and Simon Khalaf, both Yahoo Senior VPs, will stay on board
  • No one is surprised at the dismissals, Yahoo comes with years of concerns and issues
  • Oath is set to launch new digital brands and bolstering streaming services
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