Encyclopedia Britannica, SXSW and Technology Infographic

Waves of Tech continues to bring you news and information as it relates to your life.  What are your thoughts on Encyclopedia Britannica going out of print after 244 years  or does SXSW matter to Main Street?  Also, we took a look at an interesting Infographic about technology usage.

1. Another Giant Falls to Digital Media

Print media seems to be dying everywhere.  The digital age has truly flexed its mussels and after 244 years, Encyclopedia Britannica is going out of print.  What are the negatives and positives of print media disintegrating? Is the online encyclopedia source wikipedia going to be the primary source of today’s generation?  Listen as we discuss the pros and cons

2.  SXSW – Does it matter to Main Street?

For almost 2 decades the SXSW festival has been held in Austin, Texas. What originally started as a music festival now has grown to a huge interactive showcase with attendance of over 50,000 people.

Many in the tech community head to Austin each spring. Over the past few years, apps like Twitter and Foursquare were introduced SXSW. It’s garners a lot of mainstream press each year, but does it really matter?

Apps debuting this year…

Vox.io – Make cell phone calls without cell phone service – Uses Wi-Fi

Personal – An app that keeps your personal information, private.
Personal offers a secure place to bank your personal data and throws in a set of tools to manage your online identity. Personal then gives you easy ways to give other Web companies access to your data on your terms, not theirs.

Correlate – An app that helps you manage your email. Correlate labels, flags and categorizes your incoming email by content of the email and who is sending it..

3. How do Students Use Technology? We took a look at an interesting Infographic about technology usage, and dependency, of students. Students are becoming more and more connected to their devices for research, presentations, and, of course, writing. It was interesting to see things like the ebb and flow of Social Media usage tracked over the course of a college career. Although the Infographic did not contain a lot of shocking news, it certainly makes it clear of the direction that colleges and textbook creators should be going. Digital is the obvious choice among college students.


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