Environmental Impact Of The Revolving Cell Phone

Welcome to Episode 194!  As we inch ever so closer to #200, we thank you each for tuning in every week for our tech discussions.  The topics never dry up.  This week we talk about the privatization of Blackberry, the cost of paying for fake/solicited online reviews, and Microsoft’s latest Surface product.  In our primary topic, it’s all about the record setting iPhone 5S and 5C sales, the latest from iOS 7, and the environmental impact of the revolving door of new and old mobile devices.  Be sure to contact us via Twitter at @NetCastStudio and through our website at thewavesoftech.com/contact.  We hope you enjoy the podcast.

Blackberry to go Private

I think we all saw the writing on the wall over the past few years – either Blackberry would fall into bankruptcy and collapse or Blackberry would privative.  It was only a few years ago that Blackberry was valued at $20B and now is being purchased by a Canadian financial company for a mere $4.7B.  Blackberry recently laid off nearly 4,500 employees and continue to lose market share in the cell industry.

Fake Online Reviews

Nearly 19 companies have been fined over $350,000 for posting fake and solicited reviews of products and services on their websites.  In essence, companies are paying thousands of dollars to “marketing firms” to write fake reviews regarding specific products they are selling in an attempt to push sales and drive up profits.  The City of New York regulators consider this sort of action unacceptable and brought it to the front of everyone’s attention.

Surface 2 Announced

Microsoft is set to launch their latest round of Surface Products – Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2.  The Surface 2 in leaner, cleaner, and is accompanied by a host of additional accessories.  The Surface 2 is priced at $449 and comes with Office 2013 RT and more battery life than the previous version.  The Surface Pro 2 is priced at $889 and features Microsoft Office, an Intel i5 processor, 512GB of flash storage, SnapApps, and the Pro Pen.  Be sure to try this hands-on in a brick-and-mortar near you.

iPhone Breaking Records

It is without question that Apple has had a very successful and profitable week.  The release of the iPhone 5S and 5C accompanied by the newest iOS 7 has proven to be huge.  In a single week, Apple sold 9 million new phones and experienced a healthy adoption and software update rates to iOS 7 from existing devices in the market.  Apple finally provided a variety of options to consumers, something that had been missing for many years in Apple’s lineup of cell phone products.  The success of 5S and 5C continues to demonstrate the desire for consumers to want the latest and greatest.  This begs the question, what are the environmental impacts with all the expired phones and outdated tech gadgets out there?


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