Episode 400 Celebration, Twitter Passwords, Android Controls And Microsoft’s Future

We are celebrating another milestone on the podcast – the 400th episode!  Over ten years ago, we hit record with no idea of where this podcast would go and it’s been an adventure.  First up, we discuss how tech has changed since our first episode and then dive into a celebration of the iMac turning 20 years old this month.  Last week, Twitter internally exposed the passwords of their 330 millions users. We tell you what you need to know and what to do to protect yourself.  Google is set to announce a new set of controls for individuals to help manage phone use. In Microsoft news, the new Your Phone app for Windows 10 provides a direct mirror of your phone straight to a desktop PC, allowing users to access texts, photos, and notifications.  In addition, we dissect the future direction of Microsoft as their position in the tech industry has drastically shifted with CEO Satya Nadella at the helm.  Finally, we offer up a 6 minute audio collage spanning the last 399 episodes.

How Tech has Changed Since Episode 1

In this milestone episode of The Waves of Tech, Mikee (original co-host) joins us to relive some of the moments from the past 10 years of the podcast.  So what has really changed since the first episode of the podcast. The industry has shifted, moved, and innovated.

  • Video – on demand, integrated features, mobile video options
  • Mobile Industry – essentially entertainment corporations now
  • Vocabulary – artificial intelligent, cloud based services, virtual reality
  • Social Media – the rise and fall of social networks, data, privacy

Happy Birthday, iMac

In May of 1998, Steve Jobs took the Apple stage to announce to release of the iMac.  This clunky, transparent shell of a computer was set to revolutionize the industry. Well we wouldn’t say it alter the course of tech history, but it did in fact establish the ”i” brand of products that millions have come to love and adors today.

  • Jobs re-entered Apple as CEO in 1997 and quickly released the iMac in 1998
  • The iMac nearly tripled Apple’s profits in just under one years time
  • iMac established the future branding of iTunes, iPod, iPad, and iPhone
  • “The back of this thing looks better than the front of the other guy’s, by the way.” ~Jobs

Twitter Exposed Your Password

All the credit in the world goes to Twitter last week.  The microblogging social network quickly alerted their 330 million users of an internal log that exposed the passwords of their users.  An internal bug unmasked passwords. Twitter stated that the exposure was not due to a breach or hack, and passwords have not been misused by the company or its employees.

  • Passwords are masked passwords through a process called hashing using bcrypt
  • Random sets of numbers and letters replaces the actual password internally
  • Twitter provided specific instructions on password changes, settings, and next steps
  • Two-factor authentication should be used by all users across all applications

New Android Controls to Manage Phone Usage

According to the Washington Post, Google is set to announce a new set of controls for the Android operating system that will assist individuals, families, and parents manage how much time they and children are spending on mobile devices.  The announcement is expected to be made during their annual developer conference.

  • Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai keynote theme may focus on tech company’s responsibility
  • There has been a lot of push in the industry to provide such controls
  • YouTube, gaming, social networking, schooling all lead to several hours of screen time
  • This feature may team up well the Google WiFi plans in the works

Windows 10 Allows for Mirroring of Information to Your PC

The software giant Microsoft is unveiling the Your Phone app for Windows 10 at its Build developer conference in Washington. Your Phone “is designed to provide a mirror of a phone straight to a desktop PC, and it will let Windows 10 users access texts, photos, and notifications from their machines.” (The Verge)

  • Features will of course vary depending on the operating system use – iOS or Android
  • Ultimately, it’s about never having to pick up your device while working on a PC
  • Testing is set to occur with Windows Insiders this week, feedback shortly after
  • Your Phone is a perfect solution for those working in Enterprise and IT setting

The Future of Microsoft

The years, Microsoft suffering under the hands of Steve Ballmer.  His decisions, investment strategies, product development concepts, and personality could have destroyed Microsoft.  Since 2014, CEO Satya Nadella has quietly reworked and reorganized the software and PC giant into a healthy position with a foothold in several industry sectors.  It’s a significantly different kind of company from four years ago

  • Nadella has shifted the vision of the company and is fighting less battles
  • “Instead of trying to make everything run on Windows (as his predecessor Steve Ballmer was trying to do), Nadella wants to ensure that everything can work with Windows.”
  • AI, Intelligent Cloud, Intelligent Edge, Cortana, Edge are focused now
  • Microsoft has a place in the Internet of Things, including drones and more
  • Support companies with cloud services and improvements in its enterprise software

Show 400 Celebration Audio Collage

Steve has put together an amazing 6 minute collage of audio clips dating all the way back to Episode 1 of this podcast!  This little treat shows just how far we (both personally and as an industry) have come in the podcast space. It’s striking how fast the pace of the technology industry moves and how many topics are covered from episode to episode.  A huge thank you to Mikee (a founding co-host) for joining the episode.

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