Tools And Resources To Cope With Our New Reality

On Episode 485 of the Waves of Tech, we are diving head first into a great conversation about adapting to and surviving during the pandemic. We are finding new tools and resources to cope with our new reality including video applications, live streaming tools, and shifting manufacturing. As expected, scams are on the rise during the pandemic. We provide useful tips to keep yourselves safe and highlight some of the scams in circulation. Employees from Amazon and Instacart organized a strike / walkout to illustrate poor working conditions. A seventeen year old created an amazing coronavirus dashboard that provides real time data of the international public health crisis.

Adapting to Life During the Pandemic

Every person’s life, routine, and manners have changed as a result of the current public health crisis around the world. So many of us are finding new tools and technological resources to cope with working from home, communicating with family, staying connected with sports, and keeping ourselves entertained. This pandemic is serving as a catalyst for adaptation.

  • Musical artists are live streaming from their home to provide fans with concerts
  • Pro athletes (Nascar, NFL, and soccer) are competing in live broadcasts for fans
  • Many are learning to use webcams, microphones, and video applications
  • Formlabs is shifting from manufacturing 3D printers to manufacturing nasal test swabs

Scams During the Pandemic

Some people are completely shameless and soulless. As anticipated when there are millions of people in vulnerable conditions, there are some looking to scam and profit off of that. Several government agencies and news outlets are reporting an increase in scams during the coronavirus pandemic. Check the links below for a full list of safety tips and current scams.

  • Hangup on robocalls, ignore online offer for vaccines, ignore texts and emails
  • Fact-check information, consult formal health and government agency websites
  • Netflix is not giving their services away for free, census data is not required for stimulus
  • UK is not seeking goodwill payments or bank details in exchange for free lunch meals
  • Apps promising COVID19 location is requesting credit card payment first

Employee Walkouts Illustrate Concerns

As the coronavirus continued to shed here in the United States, more and more employees from Amazon and Instacart voiced their concern over unsafe working concerns. This included an Amazon warehouse that reported confirmed cases of employees, and Instacart employees requesting additional protection equipment while shopping and delivering.

  • Monday culminated with strikes and coordinated walkouts to make their points
  • Companies should provide safe working conditions and workers shall be protected
  • This continues to demonstrate the stronghold Amazon has over its employees
  • Instacart looking to hire 300,000 workers may have got a bit more complicated

Coronavirus Dashboard Created by 17 Year Old

Avi Shiffman, along with Jensen Chu, created a real-time dashboard showing the number of confirmed coronavirus cases, deaths, and recoveries around the world. Avi, a 17 year old Seattle-based teenager, is using web scraping technology to aggregate data from official health and government agencies to present a worldwide snapshot of the virus outbreak,

  • His plan to provide a clear, concise, and accurate presentation of the data
  • They have presented information broken down by country, region, state, and continent
  • The dashboard is updated every minute, an improvement from 17 minutes a week ago
  • Avi taught himself most of what he knows from online coding tutorials and communities

Resources & Links

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