ESPN & Sports Media Transactions

On Episode 532 of the Waves of Tech, we are diving into sports, electric vehicles, photo storage, and space tributes. ESPN made headlines this week by finalizing several broadcast deals that are making live sporting events their main focus. Canoo announced their van/bus electric vehicle designed around a specific lifestyle and peculiar frame. Google Photos has ended their unlimited and free cloud storage and some customers may be looking at paying for storage. Michael Collins, one of the first astronauts to conduct spaceflights, died in April and we pay tribute to his contributions to NASA and science.

ESPN & Sports Media Transactions

Over the past few weeks, the sports broadcast giant ESPN has acquired television rights deals that include MLB, NHL, LaLiga, NFL, SEC. Some deals have been renewed while others have stripped other big media of critical live sporting events. As viewing habits of the consumer have shifted, ESPN is once again positioning themselves to be the broadcasters of choice.

Canoo Announces New Line of EVs

The Los Angeles-based startup Canoo is introducing their line of electric vehicles that should hit roads in 2022. Their lineup includes microbus/van, pickup truck, and multipurpose delivery vehicle. The EV manufacturer is constructing their units all based on a singular “skateboard” platform design chassis along with rounded body style and wide angle windshields.

Google Photos Storage Fees

For many cell phone users, photo storage and management are top priorities. Google Photos, a very popular service, is set to end their free and unlimited uploads. Starting June 1, Google will count all uploaded images and videos against the free 15GB storage benchmark. So get ready to pay storage fees or perhaps explore other storage opportunities that exist.

A Tribute to Michael Collins

Michael Collins – West Point graduate, fighter pilot, astronaut. Collins is often forgotten when it comes to his contributions to spaceflight. In July 1966, he performed a spacewalk with the Gemini 10 mission. Collins, accompanied by Armstrong and Aldrin on the Apollo 11 mission, remained in the Command Module while his space friends walked on the planet. Collins died on April 28, 2021 at the age of 90.

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