New Exercise Apps and Google Chromecast

The Waves of Tech is part of the family and we are proud to present Episode 189!  In the never ending search to find tech topics that relate to your everyday life, we found a couple more for tonight.  We found some fun and intriguing apps that will keep you motivated in your workout routines.  Also, we discuss the importance of Google Chromecast in the industry and what that means for you and your tech world.

Apps that motivate you to exercise

Staying motivated to exercise and sticking to a workout regiment is so difficult for so many of us.  How do you keep your workout routines fresh and new?  Try a few of these apps that will keep you motivated to push that extra weight, run that extra mile, bike that next 10 kms, or complete that final push-up.  With features that allow you to join workout groups to earning medals and badges, these apps will surely push you further into your workout.  Whether you want to run from zombies, complete a 500 mile run as group, or even run the outline of the Statue of Liberty, the option is there for you.  Tune in and find out what’s out there!

Google Chromecast

There has been serious buzz around what Google presented last week in the form of Chromecast.  The tech industry has struggled for years to find a simple and effective way to get the browser on to the television – it hasn’t happened with Smart TVs and it’s annoying setting up the laptop to get the browser functional.  Enter in Chromecast!  This $35 dongle is the answer we’ve been looking for.  Of course in it’s infancy, it doesn’t present much but the future is bright for this small dongle.  Where do you plan on using Chromecast, on the go or in the backyard?  We’d love to hear about it so let us know at @NetCastStudio.

Check out the links below for a quick review by The Verge on Google Chromecast and a Google breakdown on the Chromecast features.

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