FAA reviewing ban on in-flight gadgets

Welcome in! We are here with the latest episode, #129, of the Waves of Tech podcast. Today we explore three new tech areas that influence your life, your behavior, and your way of life – Providing your Facebook password during a job interview, Teaching your children about tech, and FAA’s decision to take a fresh look at their policy on in-flight gadgets. We hope you enjoy the show. Don’t forget to comment and share the podcast where the Internet may take you!

Job seekers getting asked for Facebook passwords
Consider this scenario: You are in an interview. Things are going great. Then your interviewer turns and says, “I can’t access your Facebook account because you have it set to private. Let me have your Facebook username and password so I can see what you have been posting.” THIS REALLY HAPPENED!!! Businesses are now beginning to request private, protected information and using it as leverage in the interview process. The Department of Justice says this act is a federal crime but have not, to this date, prosecuted any person or business. Would you bend to the pressure in order to get a new job? Or would you, as one man recently has, refuse the request, withdraw your application, and walk out of the interview?

Who should teach our children about tech?
As you will hear, answering the question of who should teach our children about technology is a multi-variate, multi-faceted question that has no easy answer. Whether you consider the question from an economics, political, social, parental, or policy perspective, the answer is not easy. Teachers do play a critical role in developing the skills for learning tech and teaching about having a safe and responsible online presence. Public schools, on the other hand, have a responsibility to teach the fundamentals of cognitive and creative thinking. Socially, there is pressure from parents on schools to teach students about technology. And economically, the strain on public schools is too heavy to worry about such programs. The three of us share a common denominator and that is – Parents, teach yourself about online safety and technology use then pass that knowledge on to your children.

FAA to review ban on gadgets in airplanes
The FAA is going to be taking a fresh look into whether the use of personal electronic devices, during take-off and landings, truly poses a threat to the safety and security of airplane passengers and airplane avionic communications. Independent studies from EMT Labs, based out of Mountain View CA, have shown that the amount of electrical interference from certain devices is nearly non-existent. To date, the FAA has taken the responsible and predictable “better safe than sorry” approach. With the FAA reconsidering the use of such devices during take-off and landing zones, expect to hear some conversation begin to bubble to the surface in the next few months.


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