FAA Sanctions Drone Delivery

On Episode 517 of the Waves of Tech, we kick off the new year talking about Twitch, tech resolutions, drone deliveries, and CES 2021. Twitch had its best year ever, clocking 17 billion hours watched in 2020 which is leading to the question of how they did it and how and if it can be sustained. Tech resolutions are always fun to consider, and we each share two resolutions this coming year. The FAA has passed their final rules to allow drone delivery, and we dissect these rules and share our thoughts on where the industry is moving and what must change. Lastly, CES 2021 kicked off this week, so we take a quick look at some items that have caught our attention during the first first days.

Twitch Had a Massive 2020

According to StreamElements, a streaming platform used to broadcast to various gaming services, they reported that Twitch banked 17 billion hours watched in 2020. Simply looking at 2019 where they clocked 9 billion hours, the case can be made that live gaming due COVID and lockdown orders played a major factor in the exponential growth.

  • Beyond gaming, many events were hosted virtually which added tremendous attention
  • Politicians took to Twitch in their campaigns to reach a broader and newer audience
  • Twitch have secured themselves as the most dominant player in live gaming streaming
  • 2021 should prove to be as beneficial as the virus continues to spread

Our 2021 Tech Resolutions

It’s always a fun time to consider what technology resolutions to put toward in the New Year. Many focus on photo management and organization. Others look to be more conscious of their home network security. Perhaps unsubscribing to email lists or even streaming services is calling some. Whatever it may be, have fun with your resolutions and be safe!

  • Steve’s #1 – tinker with existing tech gadgets rather than buying the new ones
  • Steve’s #2 – use new telescope and slow get into photographing the stars
  • Dave’s #1 – better organize and manage work emails for ease of access and searching
  • Dave’s #2 – narrow down social media following on all platforms

FAA Sanctions Drone Delivery

The time in which drones would be able to fly through our friendly skies was inevitable and with the passage of new rules from the FAA, the time has now come. Final rules that would allow drone delivery to homes and businesses were finalized and now set for roll-out. The chief concern from the FAA is safety but many are voicing concerns about noise and visuals.

  • All delivery drones will be required to have Remote ID for obvious safety issues
  • Remote ID identifies location, altitude, velocity, flight path, and performance of a drone
  • Noise of drone delivery can hopefully be minimized through design and manufacturing
  • Very little can be done regarding the aesthetic impact of hundreds of drones in the air

CES 2021 Kickoff

Well, as we have talked about previously, CES in 2021 looks significantly different than the CES events of the past. Being hosted as a virtual conference, the vibe, look, and feel of the showcase is on full display. Many news services and products are being released that can be practical and some that some a bit ridiculous. But hey, that’s tech for you!

  • One company presented a 110’ television screen for your home and viewing pleasure
  • LG presented robotics in the house that can cut fruit, pour your wine, and more
  • Technology (in-car, battery use) in the automotive industry is a big draw every year
  • CES is featuring 1900 exhibitors to visit and well over 100 sessions to watch

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