Facebook and Prison, iPhone 5 and Animal Gadgets

Here we go again folks! Waves of Tech throws some topics your way and we would love to here from you. This week, we respond to listener feedback and find out that social media has infiltrated the prison system and requires some much needed attention. We breakdown a recent survey that lists Google Inc as the #1 employer of choice for young professionals, Apple is #2. The iPhone 5 isn’t expected to be released until the beginning of 2012 (no surprise) and Dave delivers some wacky tech gadgets that just may fit the lifestyle of yourself and your furry family members. It’s time to ride…the Waves of Tech


Show Notes

1. Facebook in Prisons

Social Media continues to change our way of life. It has infiltrated human resources, the business/corporate world, the podcasting world, and now the prison system. South Dakota is in process of implementing new policies regarding the use of social networking sites for incarcerated individuals. There are many elements to this story. Tune in to our discussion and check out the link as well.

2. List of Desired Employers
Nearly 25% of young professionals list Google Inc as their #1 employer of choice. That’s nearly 12% greater than second place, Apple. Government agencies such as the FBI, CIA, and NASA crack the Top 10 along with Walt Disney, Amazon, and Microsoft. What makes an individual want to work for high profile companies? There are plenty and we break it down right here and now.

3. iPhone 5
Are you surprised that the iPhone 5 is already being rumored to miss its release date of June? The crew, no. We believe Apple is playing the waiting game and is going to release the product simultaneously with Verizon and AT&T. Yes, yes…customers are going to be frustrated and irritated at the fact that they must wait six months their next upgrade, but we’re sure it will be worth it.

4.Crazy Tech Gadgets for Dogs & Cats
It’s always good to mix it up and bit and throw in some tech humor. Being the crazy dog lover that Dave is, he shares some of the cool tech gadgets out there for dogs and cats. USB flash drives that store animal history, automatic ball launchers, and neck-bound cameras are a few of the latest craves in the animal kingdom.

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