Facebook At Work And Amber Alerts

This week on the Waves of Tech 249, Facebook and AT&T are on the agenda!  Facebook made some tech headlines the past few weeks as they begin to introduce “Facebook at Work” and will begin integrating Amber Alerts into users’ News Feeds.  In addition, the teen population weigh in on their thoughts on Facebook and the other Top 10 social sites.  In the second half of the podcast, we debate the move from AT&T to introduce Rollover Data and discuss the growing demand for high-tech integration into sporting venues.  Enjoy the show and continue to ride, the waves of tech!

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Facebook Amber Alerts

With over 1.3 billion active monthly users, it makes perfect sense that The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children approached Facebook in an effort to integrate Amber Alerts in the News Feed.  This is a big move toward solving a pressing social issue.  Amber Alerts have been primarily posted via traditional media outlets such as radio, television, highway signs, and others.  Mobile notifications are beginning to become common place as well.  This is a positive move for Facebook and the missing children.

Facebook at Work

Now time to turn the tables and look at another Facebook approach.  Facebook is trying to keep your eyes on their platform 24 hours a day. The latest endeavour, Facebook at Work, is being touted as as way to conduct efficient work with other professionals and colleagues.  The color scheme of the new platform is different, displaying a white background rather than the traditional blue.  Hear our thoughts and our doubts about the move by Facebook.

“Facebook is dead to us”  What teens think of the Top 11 social sites

Which social sites rank highest in use and priority for teens in the United States?  According to this article, Instagram and Vine are two of the top apps.  These uber social sites allow for what teens want and seek most – photo and video sharing.  Facebook, due to the “awkward and weird” updates from family members, is losing big ground for teens.  Yik Yak, a hyper local app, is growing in demand as well.  Yik Yak is popular because of it’s ability to allow users to remain anonymous.

High-tech Warriors: A glimpse into the stadium of the future

The Golden State Warriors, NBA franchise in the Bay Area of California, play in a 50-year old sports complex.  In 2018, the team will play in a new sporting complex, which touts a 18,000 seating arena and major technological integration into the construction of the complex.  With this said, we debate the pros and cons of constructing a tech-heavy complex.  What are basketball fans looking for?  Does the introduction of tech make sense for event goers?

AT&T rollover data

We all remember when Rollover Minutes was the buzz in the cell phone industry.  With less calls happening and more data consumption occurring, Rollover Data is now the buzz and the talk of the town.  We’ve seen Sprint and AT&T both make moves in the data rollover area and can expect others to follow suit.  Is this a good move for the industry?  Better yet, is it good for the consumers?


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