Facebook Bidding With Music Labels

On Episode 273 of The Waves of Tech, we cover headlines from the past few weeks and also look at some future projects.  These include Facebook bidding with music labels; a cloud tax on subscription-based services in Chicago; Windows 10 hits as PC market has declined; and Apple’s public beta of OS X El Capitan.  We spend plenty of time discussing the move Facebook is making in the music space and what effect the cloud tax will have on consumers, businesses, governments, and the tech community.  Enjoy the podcast and continue to ride…the waves of tech.

Facebook and Music Videos

The presence of music videos and video sharing continues to see increased growth over the past two years or so.  Musical artists have a substantial number of followers and continue to build their brand via the social media giant.  Now, Facebook is leveraging their 1.4 billion users and pitching a revenue split for advertising dollars to music labels and artists.  We are split on the decision as to how well we will be embracing the change.  What are your thoughts?

Cloud Tax in Chicago

In Chicago, the cost of doing business just jumped 9 percent.  In turn, the consumers cost for using online databases and online subscription-based services jumped 9 percent.  The Chicago Department of Finance has “clarified” tax law and applied the loosely fitting entertainment tax.  As we have moved to online, which replaced the brick-and-mortar stores such as Blockbuster and movie theaters, Chicago looks to replace the lost tax revenue.  There are major implications to the tech community and we dissect in depth.

PC market declines 10 percent ahead of Windows 10 launch

The Windows 10 launch is happening!  With that news, we must look at the state of the PC market.  Over the past two years, the market share of the PC industry has dropped 10 percent.  As Microsoft pushes past the Windows 8 debacle and focuses on the newly renovated and recreated Windows 10, they hope to flip the script in the PC market.  We consider the state of PCs in the enterprise and personal desktop sector.

Apple released first public beta of OS X El Capitan

The public beta version of Apple’s OS X El Capitan is out and Steve is currently running the update on his Macs and iPad.  The update includes numerous performance enhancements along with new features like smarter multitasking, split-view for full-screen apps, pinned tabs in Safari, public transit in Maps, and more.  We at The Waves of Tech, it’s advisable to make a full backup of your current OS X system before giving the update a try.

Phone meltdown

What would you do when your phone’s battery runs out?  Most consider it to be an inconvenience, yet a manageable issue.  Others can’t seem to function without.  Check out the link just above, where you will see a lady in China that really lost her individual control when her phone run out of juice.  Just remember…it will be okay!

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