Facebook IPO, Skills for Students, And Internet Criticism

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Facebook IPO
How much do you think Facebook is worth? Some experts are valuing the social media giant anywhere from $5 billion to upwards of $100 billion. The world is about to find out with Facebook’s IPO up and coming really soon. There are so many variables to this IPO. Facebook has experienced a steady decline in advertising revenues but an exponential increase in users. They continue to grow in popularity across several demographics: youth, professional women, small businesses, and even the senior population of today. Facebook has reached their 500 stockholder limit which is forcing their hand to go public. This IPO could place Facebook as one of the Top 25 companies in the world! The question becomes – would you buy stock in Facebook if the opportunity presents itself?

Top Ten Tech Skills that Every Student Should Have
David Andrade, a Educational Technology Specialist, has created a Top Ten list of tech skills that every student today should have or develop. Click on the above link for the complete list. We find this list both necessary and humbling at the same time. As parents, professionals, and adults, it wouldn’t pain us to take a look as well. The list ranges from the basic of Internet searching to understanding the ins and outs of Office Suite platforms. A very crucial element that students should have is “netiquette,” such as writing professional emails and using social media in a positive and professional manner. We enjoy the “Finding Apps & Software” skill. Students ought be able to assess an app’s value for school and business. Join Jim as he runs through the list and highlights to main tech skills students need.

Internet Criticism Pushes China to Act on Pollution
The Internet is not simply a place for social media, a place to make money. More importantly, the Internet is a place that gives those without a voice a voice that can be heard throughout a nation. What started as a $4,000 investment has spawned into a domestic upheaval where citizens are demanding the questions be answered. This is especially true in the case of a small group of Chinese citizens that were set on proving that air pollution (and its dangerous health effects) must be addressed by their government. A major Internet activist approach has created movement within the Chinese government to begin focusing on addressing the issue of air quality. Check out the story with the link above and follow our discussion on the topic of what the Internet can and should actually be used for.

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