Facebook Murder Video, Burger King Ads, Newspaper Tech, and HP at Coachella.

On Episode 350 of The Waves of Tech, we cover topics including the difficult to discuss (murder) to enjoyable stories (music festivals).  In terrible and difficult news, a man videoed himself murdering an elderly man and then posted the video to Facebook, calling into question Facebook’s policies and our roles as social media users.  Next, Burger King is trying to capturing your Android device’s attention by using “OK Google” to tell you about their Whopper burger line.  Over the weekend, we picked up a newspaper (yep, a newspaper) and share the stories of tech that covered the headlines of the business section.  And concluding the podcast, HP took over the Coachella Music and Arts Festival with a 60-foot dome, product displays, and a 360-degree portrait concept.  Thanks for tuning in!  Enjoy the podcast and continue to ride…The Waves of Tech.

Despicable Facebook Video Posting

A horrific, disturbing video was posted on Facebook this Easter.  An individual videoed himself murdering an elderly man in cold blood, then posted the video.  It’s changing the way people and companies talk about the availability of disturbing videos.  Police are still searching for the man.

  • Facebook is known to host beatings, suicides, torture, murders, and rapes
  • What is Facebook’s role in controlling and filtering content such as this
  • Where does this leave the user, which may view this video without warning or cause
  • How is social media influencing people’s decision for fame and fortune

Burger King Ad

In a very unique advertising campaign, Burger King’s latest commercial is incorporating your own Android and Google device to grab your attention.  Some are calling it genius, while others are calling it annoying, intrusive, and infuriating.

  • The commercial asks, “OK Google, what is the Whopper Burger?”
  • The command is intended to activate your device to share Wikipedia information
  • Many users are frustrated that Burger King is manipulating their voice command system
  • Google has not provided comment on the advertisement

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Dave Read A Newspaper!

Over the weekend, Dave picked up a newspaper while waiting for his breakfast order to arrive and was pleasantly surprised by the quantity of tech-related information that was front and center.  Perhap you should find a newspaper and renew your interest in the medium.

  • Business section covered air traffic control, Uber, Apple, Porsche, and genetics
  • Each topic has deep roots in technological advancement and current affairs
  • Autonomous vehicles, technological innovation, and more was all briefly covered
  • Find a newspaper next time you’re in a coffee shop and enjoy the read

HP at Coachella (#HPCoachella)

When you think of music and arts, you think of events such as the Coachella music festival in California.  When you think of music and arts, you don’t think about HP.  Well, HP made itself front and center during the week long music and arts festival.  Check out #HPCoachella.

  • HP built a 60-foot dome which presented a roof with artist renderings and images
  • HP provided 360-degree portraits to visitors, including extreme colors and graphics
  • The dome included lighting effects, bandana creation, DJ music, and more
  • HP introduced their latest laptop product on the main stage of the music festival
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