Facebook Safety Check and Microsoft Buys Linkedin

Safety CheckOn Episode 312 of The Waves of Tech, Facebook’s latest feature Safety Check is activated in response to the Orlando tragedy.  Safety Check allows users to notify loved ones and friends that they are safe.  There were plenty of cool announcements during Apple’s annual WWDC event, including updates to watchOS, tvOS, and more.  Not to be outdone, Microsoft announced the purchase of LinkedIn and unveiled the new Xbox One S consoles.  Thanks to everyone that voted in this year’s Podcast Awards!  Live winners are announced June 26th at 8PM EST.  Enjoy the podcast and continue to ride…the waves of tech.

Facebook Turns On Safety Check Following Orlando Slaughter

In response to the horrendous attacks on the people and community of Orlando, Facebook activated their Safety Check feature.  For many, this may be an unknown feature to you and it was for us.  Safety Check lets users notify loved ones and friends that they’re safe. Users can check on people thought to be in the affected area, and mark friends and loved ones as safe when they receive confirmation.  It’s a subtle but effective feature Facebook has implemented.  Last year’s Paris attacks marked the first time Facebook activated Safety Check for a crisis other than a natural disaster.


Apple dominated much of the tech headlines with their laundry list of announcements at this year’s WWDC.  Apple has revamped notifications on iOS, incorporated Siri into the desktop macOS, opened up Apple Pay on more browsers including Safari, and watchOS received 3 major updates.  You can watch the event in a 10-minute condensed version.  Other updates include a redesign of Apple News and Apple Music, along with Maps updates and voicemail transcription for iOS 10.

Microsoft to buy LinkedIn for $26.2 billion

Not too many people are buzzing about the news that Microsoft is purchasing LinkedIn for an all-cash deal valued at $26.2 billion.  In 2012, Microsoft purchases Yammer in an attempt to grow their enterprise social networking presence and that has failed.  The purchase of a bigger powerhouse in the professional social networking scene, such as LinkedIn, may allow the software giant to finally capture some market share and positioning in the space.  This is Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s first big acquisition since he took over the top job more than two years ago.  Microsoft is holding a conference call to discuss its LinkedIn acquisition and we will have follow-up details in a later episode.

Microsoft unveils new Xbox One S console

For you gamers, or for you that buy gaming consoles for the family, children, and friends, Microsoft unveiled their latest product line of XBox One consoles.  The latest line boasts a slim model which will support 4K content, Project Scorpio which will support virtual reality headsets, and a newly redesigned controller.  Price point starts at $299 should you be interested.  Microsoft continues to impress in the gaming industry as they strive to steal more of the share of the market from Sony, the strongest competitor in the business.

Steve’s Rant/Humor

As you know, Steve always has some crazy story that caused some amount of stress, grief, frustration, or anger.  On a recent trip to the Social Security Administration, Steve relives the hours spent in line and how smartphones keep us occupied and entertained.  We then dive into what procedures and systems this federal agency could implement to save time and effort.

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