FCC Coming Down Hard On Hotels Over WiFi

On Episode 251 of The Waves of Tech, we come with a full set of tech topics and stories from the week.  Here is a brief summary of the show.  We examine the need for Apple Watch to be a big hit for Apple.  The FCC is coming down hard on hotels that intentional block WiFi hotspots.  Microsoft finally adds Outlook and other office products for iOS.  Google Earth is no longer subscription based.  And finally, Amazon Echo adds some new features.  Enjoy the show and continue to ride…the waves of tech.

5 reasons why Apple Watch needs to be a hit

With the record setting iPhone sales reported by Apple this week, the attention has now turned to what is next for Apple.  Where does Apple have to go from here?  Well, Apple Watch is that next step and we examine the argument of why or why not the Apple Watch needs to be a big hit?  With a relatively short list of products offered by Apple, does this make them vulnerable in the future?  We think the success, whether major or minor, of the Apple Watch isn’t that much of a big deal for Apple.

FCC Warns Hotels About Blocking WiFi

The Federal Communications Commission issued an enforcement advisory to the hospitality industry this week.  After serving up a $600,000 fine to Marriott for intentionally blocking users WiFi hotspots and forcing guests to purchase hotel internet service, the industry is on notice.  The FCC is aggressively pursuing businesses that perform such action and is asking for the public’s help in reporting these violations of federal law.

Outlook for iOS

The very popular email client, Outlook, is now available in iOS for download.  With a major shift in enterprise and business functions moving into the portable and mobile industry, it seems fitting that Outlook is available for use.  In addition, look for the Word, Excel, and PowerPoint apps in the App Store.  We are sure this is going to be a popular application for many users that have gone without for several years.

Google Earth Pro –  Now Free

At $400 a year, Google Earth Pro was losing traction and leverage in the satellite imaging services industry.  With several other leading innovators pushing the edges of satellite services and GIS systems, Google is offering their once popular Pro Edition free of charge.  This may serve as an opportunity to propel Google Earth Pro back into the conversation as a viable service for companies to use.

Amazon Echo update adds Pandora and more

The first update to the Amazon Echo has been distributed to owners of the voice-activated, in-home speaker system.  The latest updates includes integration and voice control of Pandora and other popular music streaming services.  Streaming services continue to grow in popularity and seems a perfect move for the first update.  In addition, Echo will have increased response speed and accuracy for questions; expanded coverage of Wikipedia; and addition of new words and definitions.

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