FCC To Pursue Internet Service Provider Regulation

On this week’s 254th episode of The Waves of Tech, the biggest story making the biggest headlines is net neutrality and the FCC.  Internet activists cheered the 3-2 decision by the FCC to pursue regulated Internet Service Providers as a telecommunications company.  The battle is just beginning in the telecommunications war.  Another big headline is the continued growth of the Silicon Valley, a major headquarters hub for tech giants.  Residents are shining a light on the downsides of continued growth in this areas.  Also, we sadly report on the death of a young girl resulting after a spat on Facebook and the death of an 18-year old after a friend encouraged suicide via text messaging.  We finish the show on a higher note, pointing to the March Madness season and the partnership made with YouTube.  Thanks for tuning in and continue to ride…the waves of tech!

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FCC & Net Neutrality
Internet activists, many of which listen to this show and live in the podcasting space, cheered the decision of the FCC to side with the consumer in the battle over net neutrality.  Several ISPs were on the verge of creating internet fast and slow lanes, attempting to leverage the ability for companies to pay for quicker access to the web.  The FCC ruled 3-2 to pursue regulating ISPs as a telecommunications firms, with limitations still pending.  So what does this mean for you, me, start-ups, ISPs, web developers, and content creators?  Tune in and hear the ins-and-outs of the FCC and Title 2 ruling.

HQs in Silicon Valley
The tech boom is continuing to boom, especially in the Silicon Valley area of northern California.  Already the headquarters for major start-ups and tech giants, such as Facebook and Apple, residents are starting to express their displeasure with the continued influx of headquarters, executives, and employees without the upkeep and build up of infrastructure.  Add to this, Google is ready to break ground on the GooglePlex.  Traffic has worsened.  Housing is sparse and very expensive.  Commuters and residents are no happy with the change in identity in their once “small town” feel and vibe.

Social Media Violence
Social media has been both a positive and an evil in technology and society.  This week, we report on a few of the evils that result from the social media bullying and also text messaging abuse.  After a spat started on Facebook, a 14-year old girl ended up dead with two young boys in custody.  Also, an 18-year committed suicide after a “friend” encouraged him to do so via text messaging.  Social media can be a beautiful thing but these stories break our hearts and souls.  The problem with violence and society is so much deeper than social media but how can we educate ourselves to prevent such tragedies.

March Madness
The Big Tournament is days away.  Once again, the NCAA knows that mobile is the new medium for consuming and watching content.  The NCAA has teamed up with YouTube in presenting a dedicated channel for viewing highlights, interviews, post-game, news, analysis, and clips of the 67-game tournament.  Bookmark it and check out youtube.com/marchmadness!  The channel will not broadcast complete or live games.  Those broadcasts are protected and viewers need the cable subscription package to view.


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