Federal Trade Commission Under Scrutiny

On Episode 479 of the Waves of Tech, we are diving into the news of the week in technology. First up, we are discussing the recent political movement to restructure the Federal Trade Commission so that it is able to meet the needs of consumer protection in a changing business and technology landscape. It was announced this week that China’s Liberation Army is solely responsible for the Equifax hack and it leads into a debate over how prepared the United States is for cyber warfare. Slack earned a big win this week as they will roll out their chat communication features to every IBM employee, a total of nearly 350,000. Lastly, Google may have inadvertently cloud stored your photos to someone else’s account.

Federal Trade Commission Under Scrutiny

Republican Senator Josh Hawley has recently announced a plan to consider the overhauling of the FTC here in the United States. The role of the FTC is two fold – protect consumers and prevent unfair business practices. Hawley states the current FTC structure lacks any bit or teeth in today’s and tomorrow’s technology and business landscape.

  • There is overlap in antitrust cases between the FTC and the Justice Department
  • FTC is criticized for not holding companies like Facebook and Google accountable
  • Fines levied for misuse of consumer data and cyber breaches are top concerns
  • This is just one of many politicians’ ideas around the country to consider change

We Promised No More Equifax, But We Lied

Months ago we shared on this podcast that we were putting the Equifax conversation to bed forever. Well more news broke that four members of China’s People’s Liberation Army were deemed responsible for the Equifax hack. With this news, it begs the question of what recourse the United States Justice Department has against foreign involvement, specifically China.

  • “Attackers routed traffic through 34 servers in nearly 20 countries to mask their location”
  • The US DOJ changed these four persons with numerous conspiracy counts
  • Knowing cybersecurity is the biggest threat, are we set up properly to defend ourselves
  • China’s People’s Liberation Army is a function of the political Communist Party

Slacks Adds 200,000 IBM Employees

For several years now, IBM has been a major supporter of Slack in their enterprise business. Slack has provided chat communications for 160,000 IBM employees. IBM recently announced a complete roll-out of Slack to their 350,000 employees, which heightens the rivalry and banter between Microsoft Teams and Slack. It’s good to have some controversation brewing.

  • IBM is Slack’s biggest client to date and may prove beneficial moving forward
  • Neither company is sharing whether features are customized or simply the free version
  • Microsoft has claimed Slack doesn’t have the breadth and depth required to succeed
  • Slack claimed Microsoft has copied their marketing strategy and stolen video ideas

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