Fighting Crime With LEEDIR And #AmazonCart

This week on The Waves of Tech 223, we start off by talking crowdsourcing, a new medium in which many law enforcement agencies are using gather eyewitness information.  Mozilla redesigned Firefox and that has some wondering and asking why.  Amazon is up to something with their #AmazonCart feature on Twitter.  Finally, we revisit some old technologies used back in 2001.  Enjoy the show and continue to ride…the waves of tech.

Crowdsourcing App to Fight Crime, LEEDIR

A recent civil unrest in Isla Vista, a notorious party location outside of UC Santa Barbara, has prompted the LA Sheriff Commander to push forward with the use of LEEDIR.  LEEDIR is a crowdsource-based platform that allows law enforcement agencies to receive and process eyewitness photos and videos via the website or mobile app.  This will serve as a valuable asset to citizens and law enforcement officers alike.

Firefox 29

Is it Firefox?  No wait, it’s Chrome?  No, hold on, it’s Firefox?  Firefox 29 was released by Mozilla and the simplistic approach to the layout and design has users frustrated.  Firefox 29 boasts new features, such as the revamped Main Menu, its new syncing system, and the option to make the browser more customizable.  With so many upgrades, the attention seems to be on the Chrome-like look, which displeases many users.

Add items to your #AmazonCart directly from Twitter

Once again, Amazon finds itself on our agenda this week.  This time, Amazon is touting their #AmazonCart offer.  By simply replying to an Amazon tweet and using the hashtag, items will instantly be placed in your cart for later purchase.  This is a great way for Amazon to capture the impulse online shoppers and continue to push their marketplace.  Be sure to get all the specifics over at!  Will this stick?  Will you use #AmazonCart?

Outdated spy technology – 24

Jack is Back!!  Season 8 of 24 is upon us and we are pumped.  We are even producing a podcast based on the show –  With that news, we go back to 2001 and see what technologies the high-tech counter terrorism units were using.  Remember the days before flip-phones?  What about intercom systems?  Or even a suitcase housing an entire computer system?

Amazon Trade-in

Do you have some old electronics, books, movies, music, and video games laying around the house?  With Amazon’s trade-in program, you will receive instant quotes, free shipping for their items, and get paid with Amazon Gift Cards.  Just go to Tradein!

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