Fireworks Technology and Selfie Sticks Banned

On Episode 272 of The Waves of Tech, we stick to our guns as one of the best variety shows around and bring four new tech stories making headlines this week.  With July 4th around the corner, we dive into fireworks technology, as computers and microchips find their way into the industry.  This morning, Apple Music and Beats1 launch.  The latest music streaming service enters a strong and competitive field.  Next, we talk about, which is the for coders.  And finally, the Selfie Stick is in the news.  Sit back, relax, and continue to ride…the waves of tech.

Fireworks technology – More brilliant and safer

Technology continues to improve so many industries.  The fireworks industry is no different.  As safety concerns continued to make headlines with the traditional hand-firing displays, the industry has adapted in a major way.  Fireworks presentations are now orchestrated by a network of explosives, wires, firing cues, and a computer. Fireworks can also be ignited by a microchip activated remotely.  Pyrotechnicians are using programming skills to choreograph firework explosions and musical tracks.

Apple Music launching at 11AM ET Tuesday

As was announced at WWDC, Apple Music launched today.  The newest service to hit the already popular and crowded music streaming space runs for $10 per month or $15 for a family package deal.  Beats1 Radio is another component of the service, which will be hosts to a number of DJs and artist interviews.  The main question – can it compete with the other music tech giants like Pandora and Spotify? Is For Coding

You have to check out!  Livecoding is the latest from the Y Combinator class and is really in a market of its own right now.  In essence, Livecoding is the version for coders.  A user can watch people code in real time, interact with coders, ask questions, propose solutions, and much more.  The site is friendly and useful to beginner, less-experienced coders to the professional coders.  If you know someone in the coding profession, send them over.

Selfie sticks banned at Disneyland

Selfie sticks – plenty of us love them and plenty of us hate them.  The tech-crazed device swept the tech world by storm this year, creating some amazing photographic memories but also causing some terrible annoyance and disruption in public.  Now Disneyland, Walt Disney World, several cultural events, and museums in Paris are banning the use of selfie sticks.  Many are trying to use the device while on high-speed rides, not the smartest idea.  On the other hand, museum staff are concerned the flash and swinging action of selfie sticks will potentially damage the art.

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