Grocery And Food Delivery Threatened

On Episode 504 of the Waves of Tech, we are focusing on the tech topics that may be flying under the radar this week. Food and grocery delivery services may be threatened in California after a new law is changing the manner in which these companies operate. Samsung earns a potential huge bump in recognition after earning a multi-billion contract for 5G expansion with Verizon. The United States government has determined, after a 11 month court delay, that Microsoft was properly awarded a $10 billion cloud computing contract for domestic defense work. Lastly, we learn of the mental and physical benefits of introducing virtual reality into the routine of senior citizens living in nursing centers.

Grocery & Food Delivery Threatened in California

As we discussed on last week’s episode, California law is threatening the existence and operation of ride sharing companies in California such as Uber & Lyft. As a result, food and grocery delivery services associated with such corporations may be subject too. In the current state of the health pandemic, this could mean disastrous to those relying on such services.

  • Uber & Lyft are under lawsuit for exploiting worker pay and committing wage fraud
  • Seniors, at-risk, and unhealthy populations rely on grocery delivery for weekly survival
  • It may be time for California to reconsider the implications and roll-out of the law
  • “Newer” tech companies often don’t find themselves needing to comply with state laws

Samsung & Verizon Partner in 5G Expansion

In a blockbuster deal with Verizon, Samsung has been awarded a $6.6 billion contract to assist with the development and deployment of 5G infrastructure and technology. As a company that holds merely #5 of the telecom market share, Samsung is posed to gain traction. Verizon is on record saying the deal signals a perfect long-term strategic alignment in the industry.

  • 5G is set to change to landscape of mobile communication and data consumption
  • A big question is the roll-out to suburban to rural community areas around the US
  • The Internet of Things, VR, AR, self-driving vehicles all factor into 5G requirements
  • The workplace, home v office scenario, now factors into the equation for roll out

Microsoft Holds Pentagon Cloud Computing Contract

Back in October 2019, we first reported on the announcement of Microsoft being awarded a multi-billion dollar cloud computing contract via the Department of Defense. In February 2020, Amazon challenged the award and that resulted in a major delay on work. We learned today that the USA Pentagon reaffirmed the Microsoft award, and AWS now has no further recourse.

  • Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) is a multiyear contract of $10 billion
  • Contract moves DOD into 21st century with artificial intelligence and military analysis
  • A judge ruled Microsoft as “the best value to the government” upon re-evaluation
  • AWS claimed the contract award process and decision making was flawed

Virtual Reality Assists With Senior Living

As new virtual reality innovation is introduced, we are learning and seeing how this technology can find utility in other industries. Usually reserved for gaming, entertainment, and education, some nursing facilities and senior living centers are incorporating VR into their residents’ medical care management plans. It’s a bit odd to see, but results are proving beyond helpful.

  • Using old photos and videos is proving beneficial to relieve a sense of loneliness
  • Seniors are reacting to using VR headsets with much joy and with much ease
  • Medical professionals are tracking cognitive changes and positive mental reactions

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