Forget Drones, Here Come Delivery Robots

Grocery RobotOn The Waves of Tech, we cover a ton of tech topics including self-driving delivery robots, the future of supersonic travel, ransomware gone wrong, iPad sales, and the Yahoo reorganization.  With all the good, bad, and indifferent attention drones are getting, a few co-founders of Skype are considering self-driving robots to delivery goods to customers from online retailers.  As Yahoo continues their move to reorganization, they hired McKinsey & Company to assist in the journey.  Next, have you considering supersonic travel?  Getting from New York to London in 30 minutes may be possible in a few years time.  The Apple iPad Pro releases on 11-11, so we dive into the tablet market and current iPad sales.  Finally, we talk about Power Worm.  Power Worm is badly coded ransomware that locks away your data forever.  Enjoy the podcast and continue to ride…the waves of tech.

Forget drones, here come delivery robots

Drones have been the talk of the tech industry for a few years now.  We see drone demonstrations at expos and conferences and we’ve heard the downside of recreational drone operators.  Well, let’s introduce a new method of delivery – self driving robots.  What looks like an ice chest on wheels, this delivery robot is equipped with GPS, speakers, and other features to delivery your goods to your doorstep.  This could be a new method for those delivery services, such as UPS and FedEx, to cut down on transportation costs and wasted time trying to find parking.

Yahoo hires McKinsey to help with reorganization, by Re/code

As we mentioned in our previous episode, Yahoo continues to dive into reorganizing their business to become efficient, focus on core business values, and define their future.  Yahoo has hired the reputable McKinsey & Company, a management consulting firm with tremendous success in private business, government, and non-governmental agencies.  They have turned companies around in the past, but what will it take to bring Yahoo back into the talking space for many online users.  We will continue to report on Yahoo as any tough decisions lie ahead, such as will CEO Marissa Mayer keep her job, will there be major executive changes, and how will shareholders respond to the moves.

Supersonic Travel, sure why not!

Here at The Waves of Tech, we have found the cure for jet lag – Supersonic Travel!  Want to travel from New York to London in 30 minutes?  Looking into the future say 20 years, this may be a real possibility.  NASA, Airbus, and other innovators have been honing technology that allows travel speeds upwards of Mach 5 and even Mach 10.  The latest conceptual design, the Skreemr, would allow flights to reach Mach 10 (10x the speed of sound) using scramjet engine technology.  Could you imagine!!??  There are plenty of hurdles in the way but consider how drastic our modes of transportation have changed in just over 100 years.

iPad sales begin wednesday

The iPad Pro is set to release on November 11th, despite slumping sales over the past seven straight quarters.  The new iteration brings a larger display of over 12 inches, integration with Adobe Systems (an attempt to bridge the musically and artistically inclined), and Apple’s new split view functionality.  The latest Apple product comes with a steep price point with a base model price of $799 and upwards of $1,100 (plus keyboard and stylus for $270 more), which leads to an opportunity for Microsoft’s Surface Pro to steal some of the market share in the tablet market.

Badly coded ransomware locks away data forever

Ransomware…what can we say?  Hackers and scum continue to find ways of profiting off of good, hardworking citizens.  The latest ransomware hack is just an example.  Power Worm, badly coded ransomware from a hacker, will not allow you to retrieve your data after making your BitCoin payment.  Unfortunately, your data is locked away forever.  With this news, we offer some simple and easy to implement systems that will protect you from hackers and harmful ransomware.

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