From Zero to 300

zero to 300On Episode 300 of The Waves of Tech, we celebrate another podcasting milestone for our podcast and our network.  We are celebration our 300th episode!  What a tremendous experience is has truly been over the years.  As part of the celebration, we look back at the origins of the show, highlight a few of our major achievements, and even share some old audio clips.  In doing so, we relive the tech that made headlines years ago.  We throw in some recent news about the astounding growth of podcasting and what Edison is saying about the industry.  Thanks as always for the support and continue to ride…the waves of tech.

The Waves of Tech from Zero to 300

What started out as a father and his two sons talking about tech over Skype has evolved into a flagship show hitting episode 300 and spawning the birth of a podcasting network.  Over the past 300 episodes and years, we’ve talked about a range of technology topics, business acquisitions, consumer fraud, security, healthcare, and so much more.  We’ve been honored as a finalist in The Podcast Awards on 2014 and 2015.  The Waves of Tech paved the way for other podcasting adventures such as International Podcast Day, Two Thumbs Up Media, Modern Life Discussions, and several trips to podcasting events and conferences.  We can’t thank our friends, family, and community enough for the support and love received over the past 300 episodes.  Thank you so very much.

Growth of podcasting

Podcasting, without question, is becoming a new media source to be reckoned with.  Last week, Edison Research declared that podcasting is “mainstream.”  That is a huge statement!  On research from Copy Blogger, there is over 30 million minutes of podcasts recorded each year and 2.5 million minutes produced on a monthly basis.  55 podcasts are being recorded as we recorded this episode.  These all demonstrate the power of podcasting and the commitment from content creators and the listeners.

The best and worst of The Waves of Tech – 13 minute segment

Steve put together a fantastic 13 minute clip of previous episodes and highlights from some of the past shows.  Want to hear what Episode 1 sounded like?  You can, but please forgive us!  We are calling this segment – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of The Waves of Tech.  You can hear some of the voices of our former hosts and experience the technology we have all seen and experienced over the past 300 shows.

Listener Congrats

Congratulations on your upcoming 300th episode of Waves of Tech, keep up the great work! Donald Schwartz

Congratulations Steve and Dave, on your upcoming 300th episode of The Waves of Tech! We’re proud of your accomplishments!!  Wishing you the best in future achievements! From your friends at Pink Flamingo RV Radio!

Congratulations on 300 episodes! It seems like just yesterday Google at a Glance was just getting started and WOT was hitting episode 100! It is amazing how far the network has come. Here is to many more episodes! Nicholas Hanlon

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