Game Boy Turns 30 And Mobile Payment Outcry

On Episode 443 of the Waves of Tech, we are packing the episode with talks about security, mobile payment systems, and poor password management. A recent Microsoft Windows patch led to a host of issues for third party anti-malware software, essentially breaking all programs from operating properly. JCPenney ripped Apple Pay from their retail locations nationwide and this caused the Apple Pay fan club to voice their laughable, irrational, and overreacting thoughts on social media. Over 41 million UK users have chosen to use incredibly simply passwords that in turn resulted in data breaches, loss of personal information, and security leaks. The Nintendo Game Boy celebrated its 30th birthday this month and we share to importance of the first handheld device in the gaming industry.

Microsoft Windows Patch Causing Anti-Malware Issues

Nobody has ever claimed that software and operating system updates are easy. Case in point, Windows recent patch released broke all third party anti-malware softwares from working. Several work arounds and a range of fixes from third parties were issued after some users shared stories of ten hour log-in times and complete system freezes.

  • Microsoft is currently blocking the update for Sophos, Avira, and ArcaBit users
  • Issue affects Windows 7, 8.1, Server 2008 R2, Server 2012, and Server 2012 R2
  • The inability to chat with a Microsoft representative makes user life difficult
  • This is a reminder of the complexities and hardships of any and all OS updates

Apple Pay Users Overreact to JCPenney’s News

Without any notice to their customer base, JCPenney removed the support of Apple Pay from all their retail location. This prompted some very furious and upset Apple users to take to Twitter and voice their ridiculous overreactions and irrational thoughts. JCPenney has been struggling for over a decade and perhaps wants customer data that Apple is unwilling to provide.

  • Apple does not share personal information with third party for those using Apple Pay
  • Users said they shall take their business elsewhere, never to return to the retail store
  • Other stated, “why remove the most secure method of payment.” Really, people?
  • Their claim of inconvenience is an overstatement and is quite honestly laughable

Poor Password Management Strikes Again

When it comes to personal security, we often look to corporations, software companies, and enterprise to protect our identifying markers online. We should all know it goes beyond that and that we need to do more on the end user side. Case in point, let’s not be one of the 23 million in the UK using a password such 123456. This only adds to the level of vulnerability online.

  • Over 41 million users were hacked after choosing highly generic passwords
  • Using terms such as names, superheros, song titles, and musicians are poor choices too
  • Many users don’t have a grasp on security literacy, it is a looming challenge for us
  • 46% of users surveyed said information about how to be secure online is confusing

The Vintage Game Boy Turns 30

In 1989, Nintendo introduced one of the few devices at the time that was ahead of its time in the gaming industry. A portable, lightweight, and compact gaming system. Over a ten year period in the United States, it would sell over 120 million units and provide thousands of memories for families, kids, and gamers alike. If you played a Game Boy, you know it was unlike anything.

  • Game Boy invented handheld gaming and changed people’s lives in the process
  • A new age of gaming, that did not have backlit functionality, was born and adored
  • Even after 30 years, I (Dave) still have a functioning Game Boy with eight games
  • The unit is an absolute novelty and relic in terms of the gaming industry’s history

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