Girl Scout Payments and Smart Grid

Oh my! The Waves of Tech crew throw plenty of topics at you this week…but it’s all totally worth it! We get started by discussing the Girl Scouts cookie operation, 12-year olds developing WP7 apps, and looking into the soon to be released OS X 10.7 Lion. We round out the show with steps the FAA has taken allowing iPads to be used in-cockpit, using smart grid technology to locate marijuana operations, and consider the big investment Boxee recently received. Enjoy the show and join the conversation at ! It’s time to ride…the Waves of Tech.

Show Notes

1. Girl Scouts now using Android phones to accept credit card payments

Everybody loves those delicious Girl Scout cookies! It sure would be nice to pay by credit card on the spot rather than making sure you have some cash. The Girl Scouts and Intuit Payment Systems have teamed up to accept credit card payment and introduce a new way of conducting business in the Girl Scout troops.

2. Mac OS X malware gains traction as trojan highlighted by Sophos
Security should always be a concern for computer users, regardless of whether you are a PC or MAC user. As Apple gains traction and volume in the desktop world, malware and viruses are soon to follow. Check out the article and discussion regarding what Sophos has highlighted and what we think about this issue.

3. 12-year-old kid develops Windows Phone 7 apps
What were you doing when you were 12-years old: playing ball, skipping rocks…maybe developing WP7 apps? Elliot Forde has developed 2 apps, Time Tracker and Ricochet, as a 12-year old. This is rare occurrence in today’s world and is truly fascinating to see the power and motivation of teenagers.

4. OS X 10.7 Features Revealed; Shaping up to be Bigger Release Than Usual

We breakdown what the latest OS X 10.7 “Lion” has in store for you. The subtraction of PowerPC Support comes with no surprise. Additions to be aware of are: Podcast Producer, AirDrop, local-disk Time Machine, and Built-in Lion Server support. Apple’s latest is shaping up to be bigger than expected….very “Apple-like.”

4. FAA approves iPad for flight logbooks

Public consumer devices are quickly being incorporated into major industries such as healthcare, business, and government. Recently, the FAA approved Executive Jet Management to begin using iPads as a replacement for traditional paper charts and Electronic Flight Bags. Check out the details and our discussion.

5. Boxee Gets $16.5M in Funding, Reveals Box 2.0 Plans

Boxee received some major investment flow in the $16.5 million range. As instant streaming and box-op entertainment continue to prove financially successful, Boxee is in the process of evolving their service. They need to with the additions of GoogleTV, the latest AppleTV, and the popularity of Roku.

6.  Will the smart grid become law enforcement’s new best friend?

What if law enforcement could pinpoint marijuana growing operations by simply peering into the energy-usage smart grid? Illegal marijuana operations typically use 3-5 times the amount of energy than the usual household. The energy usage records can be used as probable cause for further investigations.

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