Going Paperless Opinion

The Waves of Tech crew is at it again this week with discussions about Microsoft’s counter to Google Glass, an opinion on going paperless in today’s digital lifestyle, and the social media elements in the Olympics Games in London. Feel free to comment on the show, share with your friends, and join in the conversation.

1. Microsoft’s Counter to Google Glass

If you recall back to Episode 131 on Waves of Tech, we discuss the viability of Google Glass. Google is attempting to change the way we experience daily activities with an eyeglass design integrated with social media and other favorable applications. Microsoft is joining the action with their, albeit, poorly named counter to Glass – “Wearable Multitouch Projector.” In essence, the item is a wearable projector that utilizes technology similar to the Kinect to shine a multitouch display pretty much anywhere (wall, backdrop, palms of the hand). Where do you think this technology will fit it? Please, let the guys know.

2. An opinion on going paperless

We are creatures of habit. When technology forces our hands to change those habits, we often fight and complain about those changes. Going paperless, as popular as it is, does have its cons for those that use the traditional paper tracking methodology. When going paperless, emails may be flagged as spam or get overlooked in a inbox that is already saturated with messages. Has the demand from companies to go paperless forced your hand? Go ahead and comment below.

3. Wide range of quick topics

  • Mountain Lion downloads reach 3M in four days
  • Twitter’s Political Index – Twindex @ elections.twitter.com
  • Walking while talking/texting causes major spike in accidents
  • Follow Olympians on Instagram & Twitter while in London
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