Goodbye iPod, Adobe Flash Flames Out, Pandora Thriving In Homes.

iPodOn Episode 363 of The Waves of Tech, we dive into some tech platforms that are being sent to the grave and some that are being resurrected.  First up, we share the ease and need for Anker Box – a new phone charging rental unit available in the metropolitan Seattle area.  With the announcement that Apple would be soon discontinuing their line of iPod Shuffles and Nanos, we trace the history of the iconic portable media player and relive the meaning of the product line in music evolution.  In similar fashion, Adobe Flash will be phased out over a three-year period as Adobe has seen an exponential drop in several industries using the media platform.  Wrapping up the podcast, we explain why Pandora is experience exceptional growth due to the large influx of in-home voice activated speakers.  Thanks for tuning in!

Anker Box

Ever find yourself on vacation and stressed out about battery life?  The answer would be yes because we all have that concern and fear of missing out.  Introduce – Anker Box.

  • Based in Seattle, find a portable cell phone battery pack for use around the city
  • Drop off and pick up the battery packs using the app to find locations
  • Perfect for personal use or use at conferences and business meetings
  • Travel stress-free and always have a charge when exploring and travelling

Goodbye iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle

An iconic mobile media player is being sent to the tech grave this week.  Apple has announced that the iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle will no longer be sold in the marketplaces to users.  These products have not been updated since 2012 and now is the time to retire them.

  • Apple introduced the iPod shuffle in January 2005, iPod nano in September 2005
  • Seven generations of the iPod nano, four generations of the iPod shuffle
  • The iPod helped Apple reestablish as a successful technology, product company
  • At its peak in 2008, iPod sales reached 54.8 million units internationally

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Flash Flames Out

The once mega-popular Adobe Flash will eventually be no longer in the tech space.  Adobe announced a three-year phase out plan of the format.  The once popular website, gaming, and education tool will be gone as of 2020.

  • Any necessary patches, OS compatibility will be added as necessary until 2020
  • Adobe working with Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Apple, Mozilla to smooth transition
  • At one point 80% of websites accessed a page using Flash, down to 17% currently
  • Gaming, education, security, and the market (HTML5, WebGL) have impacted Flash

Pandora Thriving In Homes

Pandora is experiencing exponential growth in listeners.  The increase in part to the influx of voice activated speakers trickling into homes the past few years.  With Amazon Echo and Google Home on people’s wish list, millions more are using Pandora in the home.

  • The company said listenership grew by a whopping 282% year-over-year
  • Convenience and ease of use in the home is proving to be profitable for Pandora
  • The hope is to target more listeners to subscribe to Pandora One, capturing more profits
  • With more in-home systems coming, expect more growth for Pandora in the future

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