Google and Apple Dominate The Conversation

This week on The Waves of Tech 214, Google and Apple dominate the conversation.  On the Google front, a man in Central California is ticketed for using Google Maps in this car, Chrome for iOS gets a compression feature, and Google Glass finds it way into surgery and the ER.  On the Apple front, CarPlay is the latest feature from iOS 7 that allows drivers and passengers to bring iOS right into their car.  Enjoy the show and don’t forget to continue to ride….the waves of tech!  Get in touch with the hosts by following us on Twitter @NetCastStudio

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Man arrested for using Google maps

In California, there are laws of the road that make talking and texting while behind the wheel illegal (allowable with hands-free).  A man in Fresno, CA was cited and beat the ticketing fee for checking out Google Maps while stuck in traffic.  The use of navigation tools are not specified in law as being illegal to use.  Oh no….here we go.  Another grey area of how law enforcement and technology interact.

Chrome trick

The iOS Google Chrome app has a hidden feature that may save your some data and hopefully some money at the same time.  The Chrome app, with a quick change is the settings, will compress the sites you visit and reduce your data usage.  For those not fortunate enough to have unlimited data, this may help you control your data usage and help reduce your anxiety come time to pay your bills.

Google Glass in surgery

We here at The Waves of Tech have been slightly critical of the use of Google Glass in everyday lifestyles.  We do however love the idea of Google Glass in the business and medical field.  Physicians and surgeons in Seattle have developed Healium, a platform for using Google Glass while in surgery and performing medical services.  Patient information, triage data, and field information can be easily submitted to hospitals and doctors alike.

Apple Announces CarPlay Infotainment

Apple has announced a new way to bring the iOS experience into your car – CarPlay.  CarPlay Infotainment System is an application on iOS 7 that can integrate the OS into a number of cars.  By the end of 2014 and in 2015 models, you will be able to AUX plug-in your iPhone and utilize everything in the comfort of your driver’s and passenger’s seat.  Check out for a tutorial and system specifics.
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