Google At A Glance With John Hanlon

An area which Waves of Tech seldom covers is what is going on at Google.  Why?  Because has an award winning show dedicated to Google news and products.  With Dave out this week, we have John Hanlon with us host of the Google At A Glance podcast.  John and Steve discuss the background of the show and how it has provided knowledge to its listeners.  They also discuss the latest Google news and an interesting perspective on choosing the correct mobile device for you.

Guest:  John Hanlon host of Google At A Glance podcast


 About Google At A Glance podcast

Today, Google is literally everywhere we go. Google At A Glance is a weekly podcast covering all things Google. From self-driving cars to Google+, John and Nicholas cover the news you need to know with knowledgeable guests from across the technology industry.

Podcast Awards

Google At A Glance has been selected as a finalist for the 8th annual Podcast Awards in the technology category.  It has been their dedication to their show, their insight, amazing guests and listener support which has brought them to this level.  Voting has begun at and continues though November 15th. Put in on your calendar and vote once per day.  We hope you will vote for this outstanding podcast.

What’s new at Google?

Google is an ever evolving company with changes, updates and innovation.  From self driving cars, consumer products, Youtube and Yes, even search.  This is one of the reasons the Google At A Glance podcast is such a vital information source.

Difference between Nexus and other Android devices?

Google has recently announced their new Nexus line of products; Nexus 4, Nexus 7 and the Nexus 10.  Nexus is Google’s own line of Android mobile products which are designed to provide a “Pure” Google experience as where Android devices from other manufactures are tailored to their liking.

Mobile Device Recommendations

With most of the major technologies companies now having similar devices, how do consumers decide on what device to get? Contrast and comparison.  John’s primary recommendation is to take them each for a test drive.  Great advice!

Devices explored
•    Nexus
•    Kindle Fire
•    iPad/iPad mini
•    MS Surface
•    Windows Phone 8
•    iPhone
•    Android


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