Google Express And Audi’s Influence In The Automobile Market

Google ExpressOn Episode 320 of The Waves of Tech – Google Express has teamed up with major retailers around the states to delivery items direct to your door and provides another option in the e-commerce industry.  USA soccer supporters took to the web after the USA was knocked out of The Olympics, creating a viral hashtag and changing the tone from negativity to positivity.  Audi is introducing their vehicle-to-infrastructure technology where vehicles and signal traffic technology can communicate in real team.  A blogger scammed a tech support security scamming firm and tricked them into downloading ransomware after targeting his parents.  And finally, 3D printing in space just got a bit easier after NASA teamed up with Made in Space.  Hear all these stories and more on Episode 320!  Thanks for tuning in and continue to ride…the waves of tech.

Google Express

If you’re not a fan of Amazon Prime, WalMart, Target, or when it comes to e-commerce, you might want to try Google Express.  Google Express has teamed up with major retailers around the states to delivery items direct to your door.  Items include groceries, home goods, baby supplies, clothes, outdoor gear, and so much more.  There are three delivery options for users – same day, next day, or 2-day with or without a membership fee.  It provides another option to us in e-commerce.  Check it out at

The Positive Side of Twitter

Twitter is often filled with hate, negativity, slander, and inappropriate content.  It’s about time some positivity filled the stream and that’s exact what supporters of the USA Women’s National soccer team did.  After failing to advance in the Olympics after a missed penalty kick by Christen Press, a fan tweeted a single picture of her dog with the hashtag #DogsForChristen.  The idea immediately went viral, spawning thousands of tweets in support of the player.  We hop we can see more of this from Twitter users in the future.

Audi vehicles to talk to U.S. traffic signals in first for industry

Audi has always been known for its interest in bringing new technology into the cabins of their vehicles.  In some of their 2017 models, they will introduce vehicle-to-infrastructure technology, where communication can happen between the vehicle and signal traffic technology.  The system will provide a countdown on the dash, notifying the driver of when the light will turn green.  In the future, they hope to be able to inform the driver of the precise speed to drive so as to maintain a constant flow of vehicular traffic.

Blogger Tricks Tech Support Scammers Into Downloading Ransomware

Oh man!  Don’t we all love a great redemption story when it comes to people getting a taste of their own medicine.  A blogger and enterprise programmer’s mom and dad were scammed out of $200 from an scammer selling protection services.  The blogger called back and eventually tricked the “tech support” scammers into downloading ransomware.  We can debate the ethics of both sides of the coin here but we won’t.  We just know it feels really, really good when the sides are flipped and the scammer is being scammed.

The Software That Makes It Easier For Astronauts To 3-D Print

Sending items such as tools and piping to space obviously comes with a major expense and it’s not that convenient.  NASA has teamed up with Made in Space to provide state of the art 3D printing for the astronauts at the International Space Station.  This printer, along with specialized software, will allow the space explorers to print widgets, tools, piping, bolts, and many other useful items for repair and operation of the space station.  The software enables for quality control and faster prototyping, an essential component in the event of an emergency.


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