Google Glass In The NBA and Skype Group Video

This week on The Waves of Tech 222, we talk a little about Google Glass, Skype, Twitter, and Homeland Security.  At the tip-off of the show, Google Glass makes an appearance in the NBA with the Indiana Pacers franchise.  Second, Skype opens the digital door to free group video calling!  And to finish the show, we discuss the roll out of the latest Twitter profile page and Homeland Security’s statement regarding Internet Explore.  Thanks for tuning in and continue to ride…the waves of tech.

Pacers Fans On Board With Google Glass; CrowdOptic – TOS #3

Rick Limpert, our good buddy and network co-host, had a featured article on!  The Indiana Pacers organization is bringing many new angles to the jumbotron in the arena – views from fans themselves and cheerleaders by using Google Glass.  With several sets of Glass around the arena, fans can now experience the game through the eyes of others.  It’s impressive to see sports franchises introducing new technology into enhancing to ticket holder’s experience.

Skype group video calling now free

Call one, call all.  Skype group video calling is now free, thanks to the latest announcement from Microsoft.  The once chargeable service is now offered available for all sorts of gatherings – group projects, special interests, work meetings, family meetups, and anything else we can think up!  We’ve all had our negative statements about Skype but they continue to improve the service and this is another step in that direction.

New Twitter layout

For those that visit, we will find the option to update your profile page to another layout.  In our opinion, the changes are welcomed and long over due.  The Followers and Following tabs are redesigned with a three column look while the Videos/Photos boasts a two column appeal.  There are many subtle changes to the profile page that you should take a liking to, just as we did.  Take a look and see for yourself.  Do you like the layout?  We surely do!

Homeland Security: Don’t use IE due to bug

IE has yet another bug similar to bugs of the past.  There is an exploit in Flash that can render harm to users and surfers of the web. The watering-hole attacks are manageable but the Department of Homeland Security has issued statement for users to heed warning of the computer infection.  We scratch our heads at this move.  In the spirit of the news item, be sure to update your browsers and look for patches soon.

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