Google Glass Public Offering

This week on The Waves of Tech 220, Google Glass and Google Ventures are the topic of interest for many and so we talk about it!!  In addition, Amazon has an interesting way of weeding out the employees that don’t want to work at the tech giant.  Heartbleed is causing plenty of trouble for those in the IT field and Facebook decides to mix up things a bit on their mobile application.  Enjoy riding the waves of Episode 220 and we hope to see you next week!

Studio dark next week
Many of the shows will be taking the week off with Easter and Spring Break this week.  Plus, Steve and Dave are heading out of town for some much needed rest and relaxation.  During your breaks, check out some of the past shows and other NCS shows!

Public Offering of Google Glass
The long awaited release of Google Glass for public consumption is here!  For a mere $1500, you can be the proud owner of the fashionable and popular wearable technology.  Glass has captured the attention of many tech enthusiasts.  We have also seen a small scale incorporation of Glass in the medical field, something that we have talked about in previous episode.  Will you be a soon to be owner of Google Glass?

SF Residents Protest Tech Industry
Kevin Rose, co-founder of Digg and executive with Google Ventures, is feeling some personal heat from the residents of the San Francisco Bay area.  A group of residents have taken to the web to blame Google and other blue-chip companies with destroying the fabric and the culture of the Silicon Valley and Bay Area.  The group argues that higher rent prices are driving out long time residents.  Hear our take on the matter.

Amazon offers employees $5,000 to quit
We don’t hear of this very often…an employer paying an employee to quit.  No, not a severance package or a golden handshake for retirement.  Amazon is offering to pay $5000 for employees to leave the company.  No questions asked, seriously.  Jeff Bezos says it does nothing for the company and nothing for the employee to be employed if he/she is not fully invested in the job duty and corporate mission.

Heartbleed is causing quite the stir in the IT field right now.  With a massive security breach in OpenSSL, we are all being encouraged to re-protect ourselves by changing passwords across all the communication systems we use.  As good as the security professionals are out there, it seems like the hackers and thieves are right there behind them, lurking and looking to steal the data we all consider precious.

Facebook Mixes Up Mobile Messaging
Whenever Facebook makes a move, it makes headlines.  Whether it’s changing their security settings or changing advertising mechanisms.  This time, Facebook is looking to change up how private messaging works in conjunction with their mobile app.  For those that don’t know, Facebook has Messenger, a dedicated app for conversations and is looking to force people to move to that platform.  Stay tuned as it will make more news in the future.

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