Google For Jobs, Recreational Drone Registry, and Teen Smartphone Addiction

On Episode 356 of The Waves of Tech, we are covering everything from job searching and drone registration to teen smartphone addiction and brick-and-mortar stores.  We kick off the show dissecting Google for Jobs.  Google is diving into the job search industry and may have found a way to connect the job seeker to job opportunity.  Next, an appeals court struck down the FAA’s push to register recreational drones stating that the statute only regulates commercial drone use.  In a shocking survey, 59% of parents state that their teenage is addicted to the smartphone and 50% of teens state that they are in fact addicted to their smartphone.  We examine the potential issues of addiction and offer solutions.  We wrap up the podcast sharing a recent trip to Best Buy, where we focus on how the consumer electronic store has remained relevant.  Thanks for tuning in!  Enjoy the podcast and continue to ride…The Waves of Tech.

Google For Jobs

Google is getting into the business of promoting and aggregating job postings.  Google For Jobs will allow job seekers to refine their searches and find those specific opportunities based on region, pay, public transit, full-time or part-time, and much more.

  • The king of search may be able to revolutionize the job searching market
  • Focus on create an efficient method of finding openings in the job market
  • This move is just as political as it may be profitable for Google
  • Google’ announcement is an effort to boost American jobs after President Donald Trump’s call to put America first

Appeals Court Strikes Down FAA Registry of Recreational Drones

In a not so surprising verdict, an appeals court struck down the FAA’s desire to create a registry for recreational drone users.  The Association of Unmanned Systems International was vocal and disappointed by the ruling.

  • The rule that any drone wearing .5 pounds or more still requires FAA registration
  • There still needs to be significant education on what constitutes registration
  • If the FAA wants to regulate drones, it must persuade Congress for repeal or change
  • The ruling stated the statute of regulation did not cover recreation, only commercial use

Teen Smartphone Addiction

There is not much that teens and parents agree on, but this is one.  59% of parents state that their teenage is addicted to the smartphone, whereas 50% of teens state that they are in fact addicted to their smartphone.

  • Addiction is showing loss of empathy, emotional disabilities, and limited career success
  • Phone addiction shares similar traits to that of other drug and alcohol abuse
  • The key is to ensure that technology and phones remains a tool, rather than a crutch
  • Setting boundaries and discussing phone use is a step to curb smartphone addiction

Trip to Best Buy

On a recent trip to Best Buy, Dave noticed some unique adaptations that the brick-and-mortar consumer electronic store has made to remain relevant and profitable.  When was the last time you entered a Best Buy and what did you notice?

  • Best Buy is focusing on a line of home furnishings, home entertainment, and phones
  • Smartphone accessories and entertainment are easily sellable, marketable, and focused
  • Best Buy is no longer the catch-all place for audio and visual components
  • Whereas Dave did not buy anything, the change in appeal was noticeable and pointed

Steve’s Moans and Groans

Steve is back with another rant and rave!  Steve is here to moan and groan about companies that provide a “Contact” option on their website, then never respond to questions and requests from their customer base.

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