Google Map Features, Tesla Profits And All-female Space Walk

On Episode 464 of the Waves of Tech, we are finally back after a longer than anticipated break from recording. Google Maps is rolling out a new controversial feature that provides users locations of police traps and DUI/DWI checkpoints, something that law enforcement is not pleased with. Astronauts Dr. Jessica Meir and Ms. Christina Koch made history as they became the first all-female duo to conduct a space walk, which includes conversations with the president and live viewers. Tesla continues to make tremendous progress both in vehicle sales and notice on the roadways, but they are terrible at making money and it is catching up with them.

International Podcast Day & Podcast Awards

We took a longer than anticipated break from recording the podcast as a result of planning International Podcast Day, work conferences, and family obligations out of town. We’d like to thank everyone for participating in International Podcast Day 2019; it was a tremendous success. And a huge thank you to our listeners and friends of the podcast for nominating the show for a fifth time as a finalist in the People’s Choice Podcast Awards! Despite not winning, we appreciate the continued support and encouragement.

Police Traps and DWI Checkpoints Identified

Waze and Google Maps are two of the most popular navigation apps in the market today. One popular feature in Waze is the ability for individual users to crowd-source traffic hazards (such as roadside accidents, objects on the road, and police location). Google Maps is now integrating police activity and it is drawing serious attention from specific industries.

  • Law enforcement agencies have been vocal in their opposition to identifying locations
  • Police and Sheriff argue it compromises their ability to catch lawbreakers in the act
  • These apps are designed to provide a safe and stress free ride to and from business
  • At what point are navigation apps hindering law enforcement from busting rule breakers

First All Female Space Makes History

Last week, NASA made history once again as Dr. Jessica Meir and Ms. Christina Koch ventured outside the confines of the International Space Station for 7 and ½ hours. This marked an unprecedented feat of an all-female space walk. Both astronauts had the opportunity to engage and answer questions from a live feed of viewers back on Earth.

  • Great opportunity for young ladies to envision work in the industry of STEM
  • NASA continues to demonstrate its willingness to open the doors to females in space
  • The duo replaces a controller that regulates the battery charge powering to the station
  • Newly designed space suits by NASA were also on display as a trial run for future use

Tesla Making Sales, Not Money

It can be argued that Tesla makes really cool and innovative vehicles – self driving features, integrated navigation, charging station identification, self cooling trunks to keep groceries cold, and temperature controlled cabs for animals. However, it can be argued that Tesla is not very good at turning a profit as a result of their vehicle sales.

  • Recent 2nd quarter news highlighted a lost of $408 million on $6.4 billion of revenue
  • Trying to balance earth saving concepts with profit is challenging to Tesla at the moment
  • Elon Musk is toying with price changes, eliminating refunds, and limiting trade-ins
  • The $35,000 Model 3 is one of the best selling vehicles on the road right now

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