Google Maps Error and Yahoo Being Sold.

Woman's home demolished after Google Maps errorThanks for tuning in to Episode 301 of The Waves of Tech.  We are back after a short week off and ready to talk some tech!  In this episode, a woman’s home is accidentally demolished after a company uses Google Maps as their main source of information.  The government versus Apple saga continues with the FBI retracting its position on needing Apple’s help.  Texting while walking may soon be illegal in the State of New Jersey.  And finally, rumors of the sale of Yahoo may result in a bigger payday for Marissa Mayer.  Enjoy the podcast and continue to ride…the waves of tech!

Woman’s home demolished after Google Maps error

Imagine coming home to a pile of rubble and realizing that your house had been completely demolished by a company.  Well, that happens to a family in Texas.  A demolition company and its workers were unsure of which house to demolish.  With a simple Google Maps search and a phone call, the company decided on the wrong house!  An error in Google’s application pointed them to the wrong house, leaving a family with shelter and a bigger fight with the insurance and demolition company.

Will New Jersey ban texting while walking?

Walking while texting is gaining more and more attention across the states.  We know texting while driving is significantly dangerous and causes loss of life and major injuries.  Well, studies are showing people are being injured at a higher rate now while walking and texting.  As a result, New Jersey is considering a ban in their city.  Many pedestrians are being hit by vehicles, injuring themselves by colliding with objects, and walking off sidewalks into oncoming traffic.  We debate the merit of such a law.

Government versus Apple fight over

After a contentious battle and public debate, the FBI has told the federal courts that they have found a way into a terrorist’s iPhone from the horrific San Bernardino attacks.  The FBI filed court papers stating they no longer needed the services of Apple as they were able to access the information on the phone.  This may now result in more questions – How did the FBI do this? What vulnerability did they find in iOS?  Will Apple now sue to get that information from the FBI?  How will privacy advocacy groups react?  So many questions means the debate will continue to linger.

Sale of Yahoo and Mayer’s payout scenarios

There are rumors flying around that Yahoo is set to be sold.  To whom you may ask?  Perhaps Verizon we believe.  Either way, should Yahoo be sold, CEO Marissa Mayer is set for a major payday.  Based on the terms of her employment contract, she may receive an exit package upwards of $37 million. This would include stock equity and final compensation.  The struggling, once popular Yahoo is still trying to rebound from major losses and setbacks starting in 2010.  More to come on the continuing Yahoo saga.


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