Greedy Set-Top Boxes and Unprotected Devices

This week we are happy to have Rick Limpert (host of Tech of Sports) on the show. We kick things off with a discussion on the energy-guzzling set-top boxes currently in use. Steve has found a cool little tech gadget utilizing Bluetooth to locate your misplaced personal items. Finally, we engage in a conversation on the industry and market of protective cases. Join the crew as we continue to ride…..the Waves of Tech.

Greedy Set-Top Boxes

Despite the effort of many to cut the chord, there are millions of set-top boxes in use in the the homes of Americans. With the use of DVR at an all time high and ability to watch shows at will, this has raised the eyebrows of the EPA and set-top box manufacturers. Billions of dollars is spent on energy to run these units, nearly $3B a year. In a voluntary effort to reduce their energy consumption, many manufacturers are going to be looking at how to design set-top boxes to be more energy efficient.

Stick and Find

We’ve all done it. “Where are my keys!?” “Have you seen my wallet?”  and “Where did I drop my sunglasses?” Well now, Stick and Find has found a way to manage those times that you lose or misplace your personal items. With a nickel-sized sticker enabled with Bluetooth, this new gadget will allow you to locate your lost items with the use of their app. Check out the practicality, pros, and limitations of this tech gadget.

Gadget Protection

What do we look for when it comes to cases to protect our phones, tablets, devices?  Literally 1000’s of cases out there.  Is it about looks, does it serve a purpose?  Specific brand?  It’s one of my pet peeves when I see a $400 phone or tablet without protection. What do you guys use?


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