Green Technology Leads to Worker Safety Concerns And Mac News

Steve and Dave cover a range of tech topics – Golf Technology, Mac News, and Green Technologies Leading to Worker Safety Concerns. As always, we put a spin on tech and bring you topics that demonstrate the true, all encompassing world of tech.

Golf Technology
On a recent trip to watch a live PGA Championship event, Steve couldn’t help but notice the influx of technology in the sport of golf. Everything from club design, golf ball manufacturing, and broadcast equipment is discussed. Sports fan or not, this is conversation worth having and listening to.

Mac News
We take a stab in the dark here and talk about some of the products Apple may be announcing on March 7th. The primary focus is on the anticipated release of the iPad 3. We run through the expected specifications for the iPad 3 and break into a conversation about OSX Mountain Lion. The latest OS update is attempting to bring the mobile OS platform experience to the desktop.

Advancements in Green Technology Leads To Worker Safety Issues
Green technologies have taken huge steps in the past 10 years. Industries have grown overnight and millions of jobs have been created. You can consider the wind energy business along with the solar industry. We often forget that technological advancements have implications on workers in the green industry and safety regulations, unfortunately, lag behind advances in technology.

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