Growth In Wearables And Amazon’s New Products

BlazeOn Episode 299 of The Waves of Tech, we dive into the growing and ever expanding business of wearables and the mobile health boom.  The industry continues to explode with a 50% usage increase in just over 18 months.  The creator of email, Ray Tomlinson, has passed away at 74.  We look back at his contributions and the lasting impact he left in our industry.  Ransomware hackers are targeting Apple users, something that is new to the face of cyber security and is being taken seriously.  And finally, Amazon offers up a few new products based on the popularity of Alexa and Amazon Echo – the Echo Dot  and Amazon Tap.

FitBit Blaze Review

The wearables market continues to expand and new customers are diving in it seems like every other day.  Dave was the recipient of the latest FitBit Blaze product, a smart fitness watch with several built-in capabilities and features.  The Blaze is only $200, significantly cheaper than the Apple Watch and comparable to other smart fitness products.  Control your music, track your mileage and pace, compete with friends, change the user interface, and accessorize with different stylish bands..  The Blaze is simple , yet perfect for the active lifestyle.

Wearables & mobile health data

Mobile health and popular wearables are changing the face of fitness, health, and the digital landscape.  In just over 18 months, the wearables market and the use of mobile-based health apps have grown an astonishing 50% in usage.  This is in part to products like FitBit Blaze and Apple Watch.  But also, the growth is due to people’s interest in becoming more in tune with their health goals and tracking their diet, food intake, and exercise patterns.  Companies like FitBit are truly connecting and understand the health and fitness world, placing them in an ideal spot in the industry to capitalize on the upward trend.

Creator of email passes away

Ray Tomlinson, the creator of email, passed away last week of the age of 74.  Tomlinson saw an opportunity to digitally communicate via the Internet in a way that no one had experimented with or had done so previously.  Prior to 1971, messages could only be sent and shared via a very, very limited network.  Tomlinson revolutionized that concept and created email.  In the late 1980s and soon in the 1990s, email because universally accepted and used as a primary means of communication.  In 2012, Tomlinson was inducted into The Internet Hall of Fame for his contributions to the tech industry.

Apple Users Targeted in First Known Mac Ransomware Campaign

We’ve heard this same old story time and time again…”Stick with an Apple product, you’ll never get a virus or any malware or ransomware.”  We in the tech space understand that to be completely false and now Apple users are being directly targeted in the first known Mac ransomware campaigns.  Hackers are infected Macs via Transmission, a popular peer-to-peer file sharing platform.  Apple is investigating and developing solutions for the issue.  Just keep in mind to practice safe surfing while online.

Echo Dot and Amazon Tap

Amazon, the new face and name of in-home entertainment.  Amazon Prime and Amazon Echo is in many people’s home, offering several options for those in for the day and evening.  The two latest products, Echo Dot and Amazon Tap are new to the family of products.  The Echo is a small, hands-free, far-field recognized device that connects to home-based speakers and offers users the ability to control the thermostat, switches, music playlists, and more.  Amazon Tap is a portable Bluetooth and WiFi enabled speaker, similar to a JBL Pill.  The Tap is perfect for outside dining, RV traveling, and family outings.  Be sure to check out the latest in Amazon products!

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