Happy Birthday Apple and Customer Service Concerns

happy birthday AppleWelcome to Episode 302 of The Waves of Tech!  In this episode, we follow up on many of the stories and headlines we’ve covered over the past few shows.  First though, we have to say Happy Birthday to Apple, who turns 40 this week.  The FBI is making a statement to the tech industry by promising to share with other law enforcement agencies how they unlocked iPhones.  Related, Apple is unwilling to help a father unlock his deceased son’s phone so that he can have pictures and videos of his final days.  We finish out the show by discussing a potential bid from Time Inc for Yahoo and share our concerns with the latest in poor customer support in the tech industry.  Enjoy the podcast and continue to ride…the waves of tech.

Happy 40th Birthday Apple

Apple truly has changed the face of technology.  With its innovation in bringing the smartphone industry to what it is, how the revolutionized the music industry with iTunes, and the attention to appeal and design has made Apple the richest and most profitable brand in the world.  With that we say, Happy Birthday Apple.  We recap some of the major highlights of Apple’s tenure and the major impacts made to you and I.

FBI offers to help agencies with locked phones

In a unique turn of events, the FBI has announced that it will help other law enforcement agencies with unlocking iOS devices.  With the recent announcement that the FBI was able to hack into the phone of the San Bernardino, the method is crucial to many other law enforcement agencies.  We speculated that this may have backfired a bit on Apple.  Regardless of where you stand on privacy and government access, this is a turn that many did not expect.

Grieving father pleads with Apple to unlock his dead son’s iPhone

Sadly, a father lost his son of only 13 years to bone cancer recently.  This father contacted Apple requesting access to his son’s phone, which had a number of recent photos, videos, notes, and messages from his son’s last days on Earth.  Apple has been unsuccessful in being able to assist the father, which is unfortunate and disheartening.  We should be pushing for Apple to have a policy for exceptional circumstances like this, similar to what Google and Facebook offer.

Time Inc. Considers Taking on Private Equity Partner for Yahoo Bid

Last week we talked about the changing landscape of Yahoo – who they are as a company, where they stand against the competition, what they are good at, where they can grow, and the future of their CEO.  Time Inc. is considering taking on private equity and making a bid for Yahoo.  Very little details are known.  What we do know is that Yahoo boasts an incredible amount of digital presence, with tremendous marketing and advertising revenue at stake.  Time Inc may be able to capitalize as their business continues to shift away from print revenue to online advertising revenue.

Fed up with services and support – AT&T, Directv, Sirius/XM to start with.

Steve shares some of the details of the customer support issues he has recently experienced involving some of the biggest tech giants out there.  Dave provides a solution for the customer services and support issues facing all of us.  It’s a sad state of affairs when we live in a highly technologically advancement society and that advancement is not incorporated into the customer relationship industry.

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