Happy Birthday Cnet And Apple Watch Comes To Best Buy

Thanks for tuning in and welcome to Episode 275 of The Waves of Tech!  On this week’s podcast, we dive into the news that Apple Watch will hit Best Buy retailers as Apple tries to market the holiday shopping market.  Windows 10 is to be released this coming week and we will see first hand what a single OS for desktop, tablet, and smartphone looks like.  Finally, we dissect the decision by many doctors being lured away from medicine and into the biotech field.  Enjoy the podcast and continue to ride…the waves of tech.

Apple Watch in Retailers

Without question, the Apple Watch has been a giant tech success.  The most recent sales reports of 4 million plus units clearly makes the Apple product the most popular wearable to hit the market.  In an effort to reach another sector of the buying public, Apple is expanding into Best Buy stores.  The decision is well timed and makes perfect sense.  This sets the stage for a hugely successful and record setting holiday shopping season for Apple.

Windows 10 Midnight Wednesday

Windows 10 is set for release on midnight Wednesday.  For many of us, it will be the first time we get a look at the remodeled, reenergized, and recreated Microsoft operating system.  Windows 10 will be the first single OS with full integration for desktop, tablet, and smartphone devices.  After the debacle that was Windows 8, it is fair to say that Windows 10 will be a better success and roll out.

Siren Song Of Tech Lures New Doctors Away From Medicine

In a new and growing trend in the medical field, doctors are choosing to no longer practice medicine and work in the growing and thriving biotech industry.  Many biotech startups are sitting with open arms, as medical students and doctors in residence are shifting their focus and career path.  Many doctors are provided sound medical advice for biotech firms, specializing in depression, diabetes prevention, and much more.

AT&T Directv merger completed

The big business news item of the week is the finalization of the $48.5 billion merger of AT&T and DirecTV.  The company now boasts over 26 million paid television subscribers.  The big news and answers are yet to come though…what does this mean in terms of billing, new price agreements, and stronger broadband and rural area connectivity.  Ultimately, the success of the deal in consumer terms will be this – Are we still getting the best value for the price we are paying?

Happy 20th birthday c/net

A very happy birthday to CNET, who celebrated their 20th birthday in the tech field.  CNET has always been a solid resource for us at The Waves of Tech and for many in the technology industry.  Their reporters consistently supply quality and honest reporting, whether it is when reporting business news, personal tech, CEO decisions, and much more.  Little know fact here – Ryan Seacrest was a personal tech reporter in the early 1990s for CNET.

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