Happy Birthday MS-DOS And Another Streaming Service

Delayed podcast media, MS-DOS is thirty, Crazy Apple charges and another streaming service.


Show Notes

Welcome into Episode 98 of Waves of Tech. Thanks for checking out the podcast. This week’s episode covers all your tech bases. We start off with a radio station’s decision to delay releasing shows as “podcasts” as they try to drive listeners back to the air waves. Also, the time has come when TV Networks have started to throttle back providing content online. FOX has made the bold move to release shows 8 days after the original air date, starting August 15th. Will ABC & NBC follow suit? Video streaming seems to be the buzz of late around the Internet and company profiles. WalMart introduces its own service, vudu. Being that WalMart has been a mark in the home entertainment business for years, this marriage makes sense. In addition, we throw in some news about MS-DOS & Apple OS Lion. We hope you enjoy the podcast and continue to ride…the waves of tech!

1. EPSN D.C. to delay podcasts 24 hours

2. Fox to limit watching TV episodes online, Additional Information

3. MS-DOS turns 30 years old today

4. Apple Charges Customer 122x for Lion

5. WalMart’s Video Streaming Debuts


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