Happy Birthday World Wide Web And Big Tech Break Up

On Episode 437 of the Waves of Tech, we cover a host of topics that are meaningful and influence you as a user and consumer of technology.  The world wide web turned thirty years old today! The origins of the web is a great story and spawned a revolution in how we conduct business and communicate.  After two fatal crashes of their 737 Max 8 airliners, Boeing is pushing out a software update in an attempt to remedy some system and design flaws. The movement to break up the big technology companies is hitting the political arena as Elizabeth Warren made waves with comments while at SXSW.  Finally, Mozilla is offer a new file sharing service to users that is easy, convenient, and encrypted.

Happy 30th Birthday to the World Wide Web!

Tim Berners-Lee has a significant place in the technology industry and the history of the way we communicate, function, and conduct business. Thirty years ago, he created a connected system for sharing information that would revolutionize mankind – the world wide web. It really wasn’t until the web came along that the “internet” truly began to take shape.

  • Consider the look and feel of vintage sites of Yahoo, Amazon, LiveJournal, and Hotmail
  • Tim continues to steer the development of the web through advocacy and foundations
  • He created a free, open, and collaborative system that we value so much today
  • The web set a foundation for innovation, research, design, revolution, and invention

After Two Plane Crashes, Boeing Responds

The sad news broke a few days ago of the Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 crashing leaving no survivors and a host of questions for aviation experts and Boeing to answer. The 737 Max 8 airliners are the center of attention and rightfully so. Boeing responded with a complete software update to their Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS).

  • A delicate balance of human operation and automation is beginning to surface
  • The Federal Aviation Administration has yet to ground the airliners in the United States
  • A simple software update will not replace rationale, intuitive decision making of pilots
  • Training, hours behind the wheel, simulation, and more can help these concerns

Breaking Up Big Tech…What’s the Point?

Elizabeth Warren made headlines this week when she took the stage at SXSW and announced her rough plan to break up the big tech companies of Apple, Google, Amazon, and Facebook.  Her main sticking point is that these technology firms are stifling competition, creating insulated marketplaces, profiting off private information collection, and controlling democracy.

  • As an example, Warren proposed removing the App Store from Apple’s control
  • Many tech companies have fallen under scrutiny over the past three years
  • Perhaps we focus on realistic policy changes and solutions rather than destruction
  • Federal government has willingly allowed big tech to operate without boundaries

Mozilla Launches File Sharing Service

Firefox Send – a new, free, encrypted file transfer service has officially launched to the public and provides an offering to many that suffer from email limits and complex file sharing apps.  Send is a new tool that could be used by users to move files around the web that they otherwise are worried about sharing (think financial or sensitive information).

  • Serves as an alternative to Dropbox, Google Drive, TransferNow, Evernote, etc.
  • Sharing size limit is 1 GB, or sign up for a free Firefox account to share up to 2.5 GB
  • Options include setting an expiration period and password protection of shared files
  • Visit https://send.firefox.com/, drag and drop files, securely share with others

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