Harley Davidson’s Electric Motorcycle Investment, Amazon buys Ring, and Apple’s Glass Walls & Doors

On Episode 391 of The Waves of Tech, we are chatting about the future of the motorcycle industry, Amazon’s push into the security business, and people running into glass walls at Apple Park.  Harley Davidson invested heavily in Alta Motors and are actively designing an electric model motorcycle to add to their inventory. This signals a small but significant change in the motorcycle industry.  Amazon has purchased Ring, the internet-connected leader in security systems. The retail giant is hoping to utilize Ring and its home gadgetry to provide safe and secure delivery of their products. In some strange news, employees at Apple Park are continually running into glass walls and doors around the campus, causing 9-1-1 calls and visits from paramedic to control for head bleeding.  The Waves of Tech is powered by thewavesoftech.com – Modern Issues. Modern Discussions.  Enjoy the podcast and continue to ride…The Waves of Tech.

Celebrating Birthdays in 2018

Birthdays are always a great time – presents, dinner dates, and social media notification overload!  In today’s tech focused world, we all experience posts on our Facebook wall, tags on Instagram, tweets directed toward us, and of course plenty of text messages and phone calls.  For the time ever, Dave received a happy birthday text after Skype told a friend that it was his birthday!

Harley Davidson’s Investment in Electric Motorcycles

We know, we know.  Harley Davidson is not the first motorcycle manufacturer that comes to mind when thinking of the future of the electric motorcycle industry.   But with a major capital investment into Alta Motors, Harley is looking to add a new electric model in the coming 2019 year. A sleek, modern design and an eco-friendly approach may boast motorcycle sales.

  • Alta Motors manufacturers and sells three 250cc dirt bikes models at the moment
  • Traditional motorcycle sales has consistently declined over the past fews years
  • Electric style bikes require significantly less maintenance on engine components
  • The learning curve for riding is low since, with no gears to shift with electric technology

Amazon Buys Another Company – Ring

Four or five months back, we discussed the future of Amazon users allow access to their homes in order to have the packages delivered safe and sound.  Most of us were uncomfortable with just the thought of strangers entering our home. Amazon looks to squash that fear with the purchase of Ring – the leader in internet-connected security products.

  • Ring is a perfect compliment to Amazon Key (a smart door lock key & camera system)
  • Amazon is in the business of popularizing home gadgets, all starting with the Kindle
  • Integration with Alexa is already in place, making the purchase completely reasonable
  • Amazon’s investment is rational, as they attempt to protect deliveries from theft

Running Into Glass Walls – Apple’s Weirdness

Apple’s newest $5 billion work campus is the most cutting edge headquarters and working space in the world…with the exception of one item.  Apple loves glass and bright lights. Their stores are wide open structures with glass doors and prominent features. These glass walls and doors are now causing injuries at the campus due to employees running into them.

  • At least 5 employees are reported to have injured themselves running into glass
  • Three 9-1-1 visits have occured due to bleeding from the head and related injuries
  • Apple has made the doors more identifiable with markings and stickers
  • Glass walls and glass doors are a beautiful architectural touch, but rather risky


Electric Motorcycle Investment

Amazon buys Ring

Apple’s Glass Walls

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