How Long to Beat Anthem

When it comes to video games, the question that often crosses a gamer’s mind is, “How long will it take to complete this game?” In this guide, we’ll discover the ins and outs of “Anthem” and help you answer the question: “How long to beat Anthem?”

Exploring the World of Anthem

Anthem is an action-packed, visually stunning game developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts. Anthem has become a favorite among gamers with its breathtaking open world, a unique blend of futuristic technology and mystical powers, and an engaging storyline.

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Main Story Duration: How Long to Beat Anthem

Let’s start with the game’s main storyline to answer the “How long to beat Anthem” question. If you focus solely on completing the main story missions and ignoring side quests, you can expect to invest approximately 20 to 25 hours to reach the end credits. However, many players choose to immerse themselves in the game’s rich lore and side missions, which can extend your playtime significantly.

Exploring the Lore and Side Missions

Anthem’s open-world environment teems with side quests, hidden secrets, and a compelling backstory to discover. These activities add depth to the narrative and provide valuable rewards and experience points for your character. If you’re a gamer who enjoys exploring every nook and cranny of the game world, your “How long to beat Anthem” duration can easily exceed 40 hours.


Level of Difficulty

The time it takes to complete Anthem can also vary depending on your difficulty level. If you’re playing on the most accessible setting, you may progress through the game faster. However, it might take longer to overcome the formidable adversaries if you’re seeking a challenge and playing on higher difficulty levels.

Multiplayer and Team Play

Anthem is designed for cooperative play, allowing you to team up with friends or other players. Joining a squad can make missions more manageable, but it also extends your gameplay as you collaborate to tackle missions and explore the world together.

Endgame Content

Anthem doesn’t end when you finish the main story. The game offers various endgame activities, including Strongholds and Legendary Contracts. Engaging in these challenges can add dozens of hours to your total playtime.

Replaying and Customization

Anthem encourages replayability, offering different javelin classes and customization options. Exploring multiple playstyles and optimizing your character can be a compelling reason to spend more time in the game world.

Conclusion: How Long to Beat Anthem

In conclusion, the answer to “How long to beat Anthem” largely depends on your gaming style and preferences. If you want to rush through the main story, you can do so in around 20-25 hours. However, if you want to immerse yourself in the lore, complete side quests, and explore the endgame content, your playtime could easily exceed 40 hours.

Ultimately, Anthem offers a diverse gaming experience, accommodating casual players and dedicated adventurers. So, Anthem has something to offer whether you prefer a quick adrenaline rush or a lengthy expedition. So, gear up, grab your spear, and set out to conquer the beautiful yet treacherous world of Anthem.

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